7 Things You're Not Supposed to Do But Should

Do not go out naked in public unless you want to get arrested. But when you are alone in your own home, walk around naked.

7 Things You're Not Supposed to Do But Should

Dr. Alok Trivedi is a psychological performance coach, author of the new book Chasing Success and the founder of The Aligned Performance Institute. He says everyone needs to break life’s rules from time to time because the benefits have a tremendous upside that’s good for us.

For example:

- Eat whatever you want for a day: Yes, we all know that eating healthy and exercising is important. But once in a while you just have to go wild. For one day, eat whatever you want. If you love Big Macs, head for the golden arches. If you want a Chicago-style pizza with all the toppings or an ice cream sundae, then indulge yourself. Comfort food has an important purpose in our lives, and giving yourself this sweet reward once in a while will make you feel good and actually make you more likely to stick to your diet the rest of the time.

- Walk around in your birthday suit: Do not go out naked in public unless you want to get arrested. But when you are alone in your own home, walk around naked. You’re giving yourself permission to let loose, let go of your worries and be free. To really up your self-esteem, stand in front of the mirror and admire what you see. It’s healthy to get in touch with your body. Science has even proved that losing the PJs at night helps you get better quality sleep and is healthier for your skin.

- Act like a child: As grownups, we’re supposed to adhere to a certain level of behavior. But if you ask most people when they had the most fun in their lives, over and over again you’ll hear it was when they were a child. As adults, we need to connect with our inner-child. It sparks our fun side, creativity and imagination. Just for a day, try not acting your age and see how good it makes you feel.

- Buy expensive things: Saving money is important. But what happens when you turn 100 years old and have a bank account full of money and nothing to show for it? Have a financial cushion but enjoy life. If you want to go on that week-long cruise, just go. If you want to spend a little more on the nicer car, do it. We all need money, but if you’re not enjoying your money then you’re not living life. Let go of your fear of money and start enjoying it a little more.

- Be conceited: Generally speaking, the best advice in almost any situation is to check your ego at the door. But a little cockiness can actually be good for you. Most people tend to play down their abilities whether it’s around their career, something they enjoy or a natural talent. Nobody likes the person who thinks he’s better than everyone else, but the truth is you’re going to perform at the level you believe you’re at. Why do you think Muhammad Ali said he was the greatest before he ever was? If you want better results, start speaking more highly of yourself.

- Cursing: Having a potty mouth probably won’t impress the boss or your customers, but letting your words run loosely when you’re alone is good for many different reasons. It helps you let off steam and reduces stress. It inspires creativity and imagery. It builds self-esteem and confidence when you go against what’s deemed appropriate. It helps tear down the worry of judgement from others. Studies also show that people who curse tend to be more intelligent.

- Starve your fears: Maybe scary to you is riding a rollercoaster, or perhaps it’s revealing a longtime secret crush on a coworker. Whatever gets your heartrate pumping and your blood flowing, do it just once. Breaking down the wall of fear shows us that things aren’t usually as difficult or scary as we perceived them to be. When you remove fear, amazing things will happen. It changes someone’s belief system and confidence and self-esteem skyrocket.