DaWay To FitnesSpa: A New Way of Healthy Living and Exercise on Montserrat

DaWay To FitnesSpa: A New Way of Healthy Living and Exercise on Montserrat

There is a personalized fitness and well-being Spa service now available at the Vue Pointe Hotel on Montserrat – DaWay to FitnesSpa!

In this 21st century dispensation, fitness now requires more than being able to attend gym sessions, or going for leisurely walks. These are all important facets of our personal commitment towards keeping healthy, but more so, fitness also includes the entire practice of well-being, which encompasses both the body and mind towards true healthy living.

DaWay to FitnesSpa at the Vue Pointe Hotel, Montserrat, is a service open and available to everyone on the island, as well as visitors to Montserrat.

The business was started by Patricia C. Daway, a national of Montserrat, who spent some years away from the island studying, living and working. Patricia decided to seek further international experience to develop her skills before the volcanic eruption began in 1995. After some years away, she returned to the island to offer her unique services within the fitness and well-being Spa industry.

Patricia always had a strong interest in health therapies, exercise-fitness and people’s behaviour towards their very own wellbeing. She first began her health promotion organization (DaWay To Fitness) in East London, UK, in 2003.

As Founder and the key person who will guide your fitness and well-being journey at DaWay to FitnesSpa, Patricia has years of experience under her belt. Her career started in1998 when she first obtained her NVQ/RSA Exercise to Music and Fitness Instructors/Personal Training qualification. Following this, Patricia further pursued her health and wellbeing journey by completing an HND Health Therapies & Sports Fitness in 2003 and followed that up with a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion in 2004.

For the past 15 years Patricia has worked in a variety of settings from exercise-fitness and massage therapy to health and wellbeing and project management.

So what differentiates DaWay to FitnesSpa on the island of Montserrat?

Patricia shares three key fitness tips, where she highlights that;

1. Our body is design to move, grant it at least 20mins a day of moderate physical activity!

2. Don’t go on a diet, just eat clean!

3. Don’t’ forsake your relationships, i.e. family, friends and love ones!

Patrons who wish to use DaWay to FitnesSpa will not just be pushed into a regimented fitness programme, but more so, her service is personalized and focused on all-round personal development. What is also key to note too is that DaWay To FitnesSpa caters to everyone – from those who are either susceptible to chronic diseases or exposed to the risk factors that contributes to these diseases.

An initial consultation with DaWay to FitnesSpa will help clients with further awareness of key factors to prevent reoccurrences of certain health ailments; also clients are encouraged towards health intervention initiatives to promote positive behaviours as a means of sustaining a healthier lifestyle.

What are some of the services DaWay to FitnesSpa offers?

DaWay To FitnesSpa offers all-inclusive services to include:

  • personal training

  • exercise technique clinic

  • healthy heart workshops

  • remedial body massage

  • cleansing facials

  • foot spa 

  • nail care services

On Montserrat, many people walk and hike on a daily basis, but that does not mean they would have no need to use Patricia’s services.

She explains that despite the beauty of the island for walking and hiking; “One cannot have enough wellbeing advise”

Thus the aim of DaWay to FitnesSpa’s practical well-being service is to ensure all participants are enlightened of the inevitable issues that can impede one’s health encountered from everyday lifestyle.

Patricia further explains that; “it is imperative health awareness messages are conveyed practically and effectively to enhance persons to make an informed decision and take proactive control of their lifestyle for their own personal development and wellbeing.”

Contact DaWay to FitnesSpa

Call Patricia today and book your consultation with DaWay to FitnesSpa at the Vue Pointe Hotel. It will be a call that will ensure your future well-being and enhance your lifestyle as you enjoy the trappings of what Montserrat has to offer. 

You can reach Patricia at:

Patricia C. Daway

DaWay To FitnesSpa

Vue Pointe Hotel

Old Towne



T: 1(664) 493-1004

E: info@patriciacdaway.com

W: www.patriciacdaway.com