Governor’s Office Statement On Montserrat’s Public Service Commission

Governor’s Office Statement On Montserrat’s Public Service Commission

It has come to our attention that various entities and individuals are making unfounded claims that the Public Service Commission (PSC) is not constitutionally appointed and cannot therefore fulfil its function. This is incorrect.

The formation of the PSC has, throughout, been informed by legal advice from the Attorney General. This has been affirmed by constitutional experts in the United Kingdom. There is no doubt that the PSC is properly constituted and can function legally despite the delay in the submission of a suitable Montserrat Civil Service Association (MCSA) nominee. That delay arose because one of the MCSA’s first nominations was inappropriate the other was unavailable. The MCSA has proposed new nominees and an appointment is expected to be made shortly.

The PSC performs an important function in the running of the Montserrat Public Service and it is vital that all members of the PSC perform their functions independently and professionally no matter who put them forward for nomination and without undue external influence. It is also crucial for the public good and to the proper functioning of the Public Service that individual members of the Public Service engage constructively in the PSC process.

One of the individuals who has made unfounded claims that the PSC is not constitutionally appointed has further claimed that the Governor thinks he is above the law and that the UK is somehow trying to “divide and rule” in this matter and others.

These claims are false and appear intended to foster tension and division where there is none. No one in Montserrat is above the law.