Hon Easton Taylor-Farrell: The Undermining of His Authority and Leadership of Montserrat's MCAP Political Party?

There is no "we" in the Montserrat Coalition Movement as is being portrayed

Hon Easton Taylor-Farrell: The Undermining of His Authority and Leadership of Montserrat's MCAP Political Party?

Hon Easton Taylor-Farrell, Leader of the Opposition on Montserrat

It is unbelievable that there is any "we" in this imaginary Montserrat Coalition Movement as is being portrayed via social media. The Montserrat Coalition Movement is a desperate tool of misdirection by a single individual whom many on Montserrat and abroad already have figured out who's behind the gamesmanship. 

It is every citizen's right to suggest whom they would wish to see lead their country, but to do so from behind a fake personality to circumvent the rules and regulations of being in the employment of the Government of Montserrat is a rather telling indication as to the levels some would go to in seeking to have influence over the electoral process for these upcoming 2019 elections on Montserrat. 

What is even more comedic about the Coalition Movement's pretence under an assumed name to be a grouping of people, is that the person behind it is on record as a sworn MCAP supporter. Thus is it not revealing to see the candidates being put forward with a weighting towards the MCAP side?

It is a true insult to the intelligence of Montserratians, to think that citizens cannot see that this is a clear underhanded ploy to see that the MCAP side still ends up controlling the governance of Montserrat, as they will most certainly not win the election with a clear majority. More damage is actually being done to MCAP than they can ever imagine, at this early stage. 

The other matter this Montserrat Coalition Movement brings to the fore is that of Loyalty.

Hon Samuel Joseph will most likely pretend he knows nothing about who is behind this Montserrat Coalition Movement, but how coincidental it is that "they"  are putting him forward as Premier over the long serving Hon Easton Taylor-Farrell - the man many simply refer to as "Daddy".

It is already known that Hon Sammy wishes to be Premier over Hon Easton, and that MCAP's public showing of unity is their very own version of a political "gimmick" (the term they love to use so much) -  as inside MCAP there are factions wanting Hon Easton as Leader, and factions favouring Hon Joseph. (Of course, look for MCAP to publicly deny this is true..wait for it)

Hon Joseph maintains a stern dislike of MNI Media for us exposing the fact that he revealed his desire to be Premier to us, and this joining MCAP due to an RTM admiration et al was utterly dishonest. He is yet to deny this is so. (See article published on this by clicking here)

So, as this imaginary Coalition Movement is promoting that he should be Premier over the Honourable Easton, many would find that as a mark of disrespect to Hon Easton and his service. Beyond that, whether Hon Sammy would care to know or not, but this pushing of him as Premier by his known surrogate under a fake name is a blatant undermining of the authority and the Leadership of Hon Easton. 

Whether Hon Sammy has directed this digital coup against Hon Easton is a matter up for question. But if he has not, and wishes for voters not to view him as disloyal, then perhaps it may be in his best interest to publicly distance himself from the posturing of the Montserrat Coalition Movement, and declare openly to the populace and to the MCAP faithful that he is indeed committed to supporting the Leadership of Hon Easton Taylor-Farrell and has no baring on anyone pushing him to be Premier over the goodly gentleman. 

If I were Hon Easton, despite whatever public showings of unity he and Hon Sammy may come forward and declare, it would still be uncomfortable for him knowing they do not see him as a true Leader, but instead prefer his second in command. Mutiny is in the ranks and this level of disloyalty pre-election is a recipe for disaster if ever these gentlemen should accede to power. The concoction of a coalition would not last a full 5-year term. 

Most certainly, the glare of attention would see the Montserrat Coalition Movement continue to posit under a fake name. But if political engagement is their desire, then be bold and brave and stand behind your ideas as your true self and not as this Noah Farrell persona that many persons in a small society know to be false. Most of us who are in the political discourse engage as our very own selves and accept the chips falling as, and how they may. 

MNI submits that the fake Montserrat Coalition Movement is thus a cowardly undertaking and a dud.  

Note: Jeevan A. Robinson is Editor-in-Chief of MNI Media - Marketing, News & Information. He can be reached at jeevan@mnialive.com