In Celebration Of Our Island Women

The defined contours of her curves are like the most elegant symphony. Only Jah could have created such perfection and artistry 

 beautiful woman

beautiful woman

She walks past in her clothes so beautifully adorned
Hair all natural, accessories all combined, this island woman is so fashionably designed
She speaks and her words evoke sounds of the tenor pan finely tuned
The way she flows and ebbs, her words captivating as she stands firm like a true champion
She comes to her man; skin oiled, smooth and golden like honey just freshly cut
She is caressed and whispered words of love, as she wraps in his arms for strength and comfort
As she receives touches of soft kisses she says that it's her mind he corrupts
An exchange of mutual affection is in these shared moments as she begs him please not to stop

Two have become one in a special way and moments like these should never be over 
There is love, lust, fire and chemistry boiling to an uncontrollable temperature
How glorious it is, this island woman and her charm, that has brought such passion closer 
She moves effortlessly in unison with her lover to that cosmic energy that binds them together

Photo Credit To Dawnali

Editor-in-Chief's Note: The rights to this poem are protected under the copyright terms of MNI Alive