Poem: Blame This

A new virus strain creating havoc on this country.

Poem: Blame This

A new virus strain creating havoc on this country
An age old system that destroys us mentally
Racist brutality disseminates towards lives that do not matter
Our useless leader not realizing he is not an emperor
Shoot shit from his lips like a dictator
Appeasing his followers on Twitter
The greatest country in the world
Is now the laughing stock of them all

Is it the boyish carpe diem resurfacing at this stage?
That impossible dream becomes reality in a rage
Power as dominion, scathing, fighting impotence
Peaceful marches say we tired of childish nonsense
Egotistical rude adults return as juveniles
With attitude and mannerism so vile
We are human with variations that’s reality
On election vote to eradicate police brutality

Narcissistic ideology brought us to a precipice
Militarized Armed corrupt men working as police
Utilizing their antiquated system built on hate
Running by leadership whose soul is out of date
Change, archaic ways, hope he would
Driven by fame seeking sainthood
The Country is in turmoil hoping for a cure
His vision in violence they breathe no more

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is MNI Media's Resident Spoken Word Contributor