Poem: Treatment

Wash hands on avoidance, adhere to proper hygiene

Poem: Treatment

It was yesterday when the streets were full
The cyber world had handles to push or pull
People with more information than they can handle
Had to stay home, refrain from mix and mingle
Grandma’s advice came knocking at the forefront
Is it a cycle or children start doing what they want?
Wash hands on avoidance, adhere to proper hygiene
Most had to self-quarantine, the effects of COVID-19

Work from home or unemployment was the order
Weird thought, the virus won’t cross the border
Work force essential, overworked, tired, then mean
Rude awakening, supply limited emotions got lean
Spaces get small lovers reach the nerve
The close edged friendship needs space to curve
Isolation can lead to mood swings, drugs or drinking
When this virus gets harnessed the world will be thinking

Is it because of tomorrow that we suffer today?
Greed was inching in the echelons minds all yesterday
Ignoring that the evil will jump to human if uncooked
Like the lowest of our society the virus was overlooked
Hey World! Look now and see, check our physical pace
Regardless of belief, be conscionable this is a human race
Back peddling for cure, or to aid the sick world we’re in
This much publicity, a treatment we will see so let’s begin

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is MNI Media's Resident Spoken Word Contributor