Review: The Alliouagana Singers Pay Tribute to Soca King Arrow With Unmatched Creative Flair

Review: The Alliouagana Singers Pay Tribute to Soca King Arrow With Unmatched Creative Flair

Alliouagana Singers

Alphonsus "Arrow" Cassell was a monumental cultural figure, both for his homeland Montserrat, and also as a global ambassador for Soca music. His stature; his style; his charisma and his talent were so integral to Soca music's advance throughout the world, that his vast repertoire gained him the title of "Soca King of The World".


It has been ten years since his untimely passing. However, his influence and status as a global Soca music icon lives on. In this recognition of Arrow's greatness, what better way to pay tribute to him than from a musical grouping - in the Alliouagana Singers - whose representation of Montserrat's culture also takes place on a global stage.

Based in London, UK, The Alliouagana Singers, during this year, 2020, celebrates their 20th Anniversary. The group's members will waste no time in letting anyone know that one of their biggest biggest creative influences and supporters was none other than the late Soca King Arrow himself. Arrow would often visit them whenever he was in London, and offered great advice and guidance. Such was his love for this masterful group of performers and singers, that he gave them full permission to perform any song from his catalogue of hits.

For this 10th Anniversary Memorial of Arrow's passing, The Alliouagana Singers have come forward with their version of two of Arrow's massive hits. The songs they have decided to perform from Arrow are named appropriately - "Alliouagana Singers Man Must Live" and "Oh Montserrat Arrow Tribute"

Both renditions are simply astounding! A very soothing and nostalgic emotion is evoked as one listens to these two songs from The Alliouagana Singers in recognition and respect to Arrow. Beyond a job well done, the renditions are a powerful reminder of two great musical talents merging into a unit of beauty - Arrow and the Alliouagana Singers.

The vocals on both these productions were performed by The Alliouagana Singers, with Lead Vocalist being the ever lively Adrian Jeffers. The music was arranged and produced by another cultural great from Montserrat - Everton ‘Reality’ Weekes.

Making an appearance with timely poetic lines in the "Oh Montserrat Arrow Tribute" is the beautiful and talented Myrle Roach.

In essence, all the talents and creative flair from everyone involved is showcased on both these songs.

MNI Media wishes The Alliouagana Singers another 20 years of success! They have done Arrow proud on both these tracks without question.

Listen to both tracks below: 

Alliouagana Singers: Man Must Live Arrow Tribute:

Alliouagana Singers - Oh Montserrat Arrow Tribute: