Spoken Word: I Weep

The greatest leader on earth was an immigrant His survival and disposition was always rendered by tyrants

Spoken Word: I Weep

Immigrants! a name tag that has been thrown like trash
As long as time has been recorded immigrants move like cash
For survival, education or just a better life we migrate to cope
Moving by man's inhumanity and greed cast a shadow of hope
Like the lonely elm tree doth shed its leaves
As autumn takes its soul and season grieves
To be the sunlight in the morn one must rise
Facing tomorrow's void without its fear to criticize
Exposing all that’s left of this shattered world
A body like an empty apartment bellowing as echoes hurl
There somewhere as far as the eye can see
Flowing hill of daffodils carved the words ‘remember me'

The greatest leader on earth was an immigrant
His survival and disposition was always rendered by tyrants
Doing good was overlooked because he was a foreigner
Even his own neglect to see humanity for skepticism is better
With guns and bombs man destroy each other displaying might
Yet one tornado, hurricane or earthquake that man is in fright
Though reality overcome their fantasy the need is too much
Beyond the ocean blue the sky doth seem to touch
Immigrants transmit knowledge and ideology
Raising the scope of our advancement even theology
Each breath that leaves the body carries a moment so true
Longing as refreshing clean sweet smelling morning dew
Sobbing beneath one's breath unseeingly
Tears like the phloem that saver the tree's body soothingly
Reaching, searching, seeking, still can’t find
I weep how humanity's insecurity destroys our mind

Though from the depths of time man travelled earth
A birthplace creates ownership proudly for what it’s worth
Pride follows sentiments for culture exposes thee and thine
Immigrants walk the gauntlet culturally they are like fine wine
Circling the base of life’s pyramid one neglects the sky they see
When the rolling clouds come in new ideas create animosity
Eyes that offer stagnation have another vantage point to regret
Entrance usually the lowest point but existence is now a threat
Where is your dominion man? Where is your strength
Is there a breaking point at the end of the ropes length?
Where is your guile to rule amidst competition
To stand for what you believe in even its religion
Face adversity and don’t be afraid to be counted
For every immigrant took that stand the day they dismounted

Editor's Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is MNI Media's Resident Spoken Word Contributor