Spoken Word: Political Nature

What are they saying at what time

Spoken Word: Political Nature

The yard fowl roams supreme
Even agouti takes sunbathing to the extreme
Cows get smart, they hardly say moo
But it’s election coming and politicians do
They’ll sit on your floor kissing colicky babies
Appearing modest and cradling old ladies

This party, that party, unpretentious and in clans
Joint efforts they’ll reinforce their concealed plan
If it doesn’t work just blame the last government
Failure is never the fault of the incumbent

What are they saying at what time
Bravery or chivalry roosters crow anytime
No more dusk, dawn or moonlight
Competitive verbalism, conscience is in plight
The paradigm all politicians lie
Dog gnawing dogs ignoring their mothers cry
Great politicians wooing with entangled machismo
Utilizing vocal supremacy promising earth and below
Now in cyberspace that playing field got smaller
As Ram goat get exposed and pussy cry louder

The dogs they bark - yes, they communicate
Transferring information of who passes their gate
Blabber mouth and voracious when you are in view
The donkey embraced code of silence of who is who
Colonialism instilled a class system on the mind
Entangling growth with subservient running blind
Greed’s shadow pushes the competitive edge
But it’s political nature and to that party we pledge
So let the eloquent dog whistling personnel vie
Roll the dice vote the one who’ll give that gallant try

William "Bubbles" Galloway is MNI Media's Resident Spoken Word Contributor