Spoken Word: Solar Eclipse

With hot lies you travel for all to see. Emitting racist heated energy. Mission atrocious to gaining wealth, like aged sin praying for good health

Spoken Word: Solar Eclipse

With hot lies you travel for all to see
Emitting racist heated energy
Mission atrocious to gaining wealth
Like aged sin praying for good health
Big orange representative of life all on high
Spewing xenophobic dust passing by
Imbedded racial hatred is ice on your plate
In reverence to your reference you spew hate
With anger venom you want to be the sun
That celestial orbiter is not for a radical bum

The moon like truth corrupts your ear
You whimper and hide when it appear
If at dawn it lingers you cower at its sight
Against truth and starlit honesty your evil fight
Moonbeams hide your fury, saturate your ire
Even clouded burst cannot exude under your fire
Your path is blocked by honesty you cannot divert
Fighting asian radical Kim cannot bury your dirt
With generals at your side you seek war for might
Though you've dodged their portfolio on insight

Celestial admiration oh how we thank heaven for sanity
Uncapping the internal pleasure of nature's reality
The sun with all its might and light is blocked to earth
Big orange man see what your lies to truth is worth
Ironic this phenomenon occurs during your watch
Amid the insensitivity and corruption your leadership hatch
It's amazing heated energy being blocked by the moon
As your self-centered corrosive actions to mankind loom
This ecliptic U.S.path demonstrates our existence and value
Are you a bigot and or a racist? It's time to yourself be true

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is our Resident Spoken Word Contributor at MNI Alive Media