Spoken Word: The Customs

Have you ever tried to ride a blind-man? "

Spoken Word: The Customs

Poems can be naked

A poem is a dangerous place to meet.
They're sudden like falling or "turning",

Poems are dangerous and mostly happen

and like The Kingdom
someone is always watching.

Poems can be naked
or in language.

They can jack you up
against the wall and take back
the thing you love most.

Or else mount and ride you
like a god

(if you're lucky).

Poems can be dangerous
Like robbing the blind
(a thing not so easily done)

Have you ever tried to ride a blind-man?

"Me say, me say fe ride me darling.
Breed me, breed me!
Me want feel you in me belly! Me say gi me!"

It takes practice and cunning.

Poems are like ports:
Always corrupt.

(They can't help it.
Born too near the Sea.
and the Sea carries any carcass)

Like the teacher's hand
up inside the student's skirt
trying to slip past her customs.

Trying to turn port of call
to port of entry.

While he keeps talking exams
and the salt-fish scented hand
of his instruction
parts her.

But then her eyes challenge him and say:
"I'm that thing you're not:

The maritime mystery of her eyes frighten him.

Suddenly he wants to abandon her
Like he did his daughter

But something frightens him.

Did she will him here?

People are different than their poems.
The more you learn them,
the less you know.

Poems tell you things
you mostly don't ask

Not even alone.

They're so thin
they follow you.

Poems never leave you
as they met you.

They run naked
or in language.

Like war babies under sanction.

And like war babies everywhere
They will manage
To get themselves

It's their custom.

A poem is such a dangerous place to meet.

The world moves
At the speed of greed.

While my love
The speed of wonder.