Spoken Word: The House on The Hill

From its perch like a floating cathedral. It over looks this peaceful valley, accepting echoed voices of deeds

Spoken Word: The House on The Hill

From its perch like a floating cathedral 
It over looks this peaceful valley
Accepting echoed voices of deeds
The grass grows down the slope in acreage
Tranquility in this pepper pot stew of covet and lies
That cascading aromatic flow of nature beckoning
Erect trees forming marked contours or boundary lines
In its ceiling each rafter carries the burden of deceit 

This pornographic paradise for the discrete
Panoramic vistas to skin deep perfection
The romantic hideaway for politicians and pimps
Cupboards empty yet shelves are full of salacious memory
Counter tops are laced with tangled acrobatic perversion 
Though cleansed covered tiles amass footprints of sin 
Secrets abound of preachers with unbelievers and concubines,
Politicians fulfilling promises escaping neighbors watchful eyes

Unrighteous overseer charges to maintain a secret
Petty cash or a pound of flesh, 
Demand as for future favor the door stays open
To conscience or broken hearts the walls offer comfort
Welcoming each partner like a ceremonial  assembly
On the mirror could've etched the words 'your secret lies here'
Today time stood still someone noticed the house on the hill
Loose lips of partakers leaked and truth came to the forefront
A nervous thrill shook the foundation from the base of the hill

Notes: William "Bubbles" Galloway is a Spoken Word Contributor with MNI Alive Media