Spoken Word: Transition

Even the Atlantic ocean got calm to accept the deep water harbor

Spoken Word: Transition

New Premier of Montserrat, Hon Easton Taylor-Farrell

From your vantage point the skies looked bright
Grass sporting lush green,
That awesome manifestation
Is hardly what it seems.
The mirrors were well placed
Though the skies were bright.
Eyeing the upkeep of the savannah
Took more than a mere horticultural fight;
The baton was passed democratically
Every green leaf is expecting change seasonally.

The roads were manicured,
The books were virtually in order.
Even the Atlantic ocean got calm
To accept the deep water harbor.
Be aware, sometimes one term may do
Patience runs wild though time is on your side
Fulfill the absence of a hospital
Or that can bring the tan to your hide.
When Churches and schools seem filled
Verify that the hallways are empty.

Hard work is the aorta to progress.
Restless youths seeking a moonlit beacon.
The fight for a solid foundation is large;
Be sure your cabinet’s crop is in season.
A hopefully desperate growing population
Seeks a future in need of sensual interaction.
The people are not immune to years of promises
But years of promises yields more years of promises.
If you don’t cut the proverbial ribbon
Next election you will be looking like novices

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is MNI Media's resident Spoken Word Contributor