Spoken Word: Who's God Is It Anyway?

Who's God is it? That conscience free ability to dissect and choose right or wrong - uncaring win or lose

Spoken Word: Who's God Is It Anyway?

Praying like hell if disaster hits your door, finding faith
Lacking concern when others health or finance deteriorates
Taking that conceited stand that your God is best
Ignoring other years of religion and what they manifest
Why gloat and enslave, discriminate, cheat, kill for all to see
If God is in the image and likeness of man. Can you see me?
Self righteous angels holding the key to heavens backdoor
Still don't give a damn if for color a nigger is on the floor
Offerings and penance for forgiveness, weekly, like salary
Buys a front seat in hell welcoming others from the shit rotary

Who's God is it?
That conscience free ability to dissect and choose
Right or wrong - uncaring win or lose
A blind eye to paedophiles, bigotry, and racial hatred
That open chamber for political crimes is sacred
Truth in a blanket taken at one's word
In The House and Congress, do unto others have never been heard
Honesty dangerously living among politicians and thieves
In ruthless heart one cares less about who dies, stay, or leaves
Lies blooming like spring cherry blossoms in Washington
Musicians playing but we are singing the wrong song

Who's God is it can I ask?
Persecution and enmity run parallel with ability and audacity
Never in history has religion ever offered physical sanctity
Hearts torn as nature and man destroy a life's work invoke fear
Coldly, attention shifts except when you are in the cross hairs
Money ambivalently taking the stand of God and ruthlessly rule
For greed turn priests, presidents and paupers into fools
Idiots for power blindly sell their children's tomorrow, today!
Amassing impenetrable wealth as a lonely casket goes astray
Dominion pushes man's excessive desire parallel to destruction
An insatiable wealth longing urges repentance into corruption
Masturbating young minds wrapping themselves in the shroud
Cleansing, preaching repentance, offering suicide in a crowd
Tell me, is it your God or mine?

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is our resident Spoken Word Contributor here at MNI Media