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Senior Air Traffic Controller,

Company: John A. Osborne Airport
Salary: Included
Contract Period: Permanent
Hours: Full Time
Location: Montserrat
Category: Government

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for the post of   Senior Air Traffic Controller, John A. Osborne Airport within the Ministry of Communications, Works & Labour, Government of Montserrat.


To supervise the Gerald’s Airport Air Traffic and Meteorological Section and the provision of such services on shifts at the Airport in accordance with local and international standards and recommended practices.


·      To monitor and review the functionality and operation of the Air traffic and Meteorological shifts and to prepare the monthly rosters to ensure that the required staffing levels are maintained and the workload fairly distributed on shifts to achieve operational and procedural objectives.

·      To support the recruitment and retention of Air Traffic Controllers, prepare monthly and periodic performance reports, leave statistics, incident reports, training and other records, certify Lieu and Annual Leave and Overseas Travel requests for the Air Traffic/Met Section and submit the same to the Airport Manager.

·      To conduct the relevant tests and inspections investigating any irregularities or reports of non-compliance with the regulations and procedures and where necessary take the required action.

·      To regularly review the thoroughness, effectiveness and efficiency of ATS/Met personnel on duty for conformity with ATS or Meteorological procedures and making or recommending the required changes in operational procedures, personnel, equipment, communications or space.

·      To implement the ICAO’s Quality Assurance Programme and conduct the approved training and periodic assessments in addition to monitoring and reviewing the implementation of training exercises, competency checks, briefings, and the compilation of daily ATS logs, Meteorological registers, reports and other documentation.

·      To maintain effective liaison with the users of Air Traffic and Meteorological information and to communicate with the relevant ATS Units, operators, flight crews and other agencies in accordance with the Airport’s mandated procedures.

·      To monitor and review the operation of Air Navigation or Air Traffic Service and meteorological equipment to ensure that the equipment and their technical publications are available and well maintained reporting deficiencies and making recommendations on new systems and equipment.

·      To maintain an understanding and current knowledge of the Manual of Air Traffic Services, ICAO’s Annexes & Document 4444, Air Navigation (Overseas Teritories) Order, ASSI’s OTARs and OTACs and other Air Traffic and Airport related documents in addition to attending the Airport Committee meetings.

·      To prepare and update the MATS for approval by the Airport Manager in addition to supporting the update or amendment of Airport documents and where necessary making the relevant recommendations.

·      To contribute to the Airport’s security and control of the Restricted Areas in accordance with the Airport Security Programme and the conditions of issue of the holder’s Airport Identification Pass.

·      Any other duties assigned due to the exigencies of the Department/Ministry.


The successful applicant should have:-

·      A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with three  (3) years supervisory and operational experience in Air Traffic Control and Meteorology; or

·      An Associate Degree (Asc) or Certificate in Business Administration with five (5) years supervisory and operational experience in Air Traffic Control and Meteorology.

·      A current Air Traffic Control Licence.

·      Air Traffic Service Management Certificate.

·      Aerodrome/Approach Control Certificate(This certificate along with five (5) years continuous operational experience has been considered as commensurate to BSc by the Trinidad & Tobago School of Air Traffic Control).

·      Class IV Meteorological Certificate.

·      Accident/Incident Response Certificate.

·      Quality Assurance Management in Air Traffic Control and Meteorology.

 ·      Knowledge of Air Traffic and Meteorological Telecoms systems and their related software.

-       Knowledge of Computer Literacy (Microsoft Office Applications e.g. Word, Excel, Access, and specialized Aviation and Meteorological Telecommunications and their related software.

  • Good knowledge of:

-       ICAO Annex 1 – 18

-       ICAO Documents 4444 PANS RAC, 7910 location indicators, 8126 AIS manual, 8400 Abbreviations and codes, 8643 Aircraft type designators,

-       OTAR 172; 65; 77; OTAC MET  1 and AIS 1

-       Manual on the Quality Management System for the provision of Meteorological Service to International Air Navigation

-       Manual of Aeronautical Meteorological Practice

-       Manual on Coordination between Air Traffic Services, Aeronautical Information Services and Aeronautical  Meteorological Services

-       Air Traffic Service Planning Manual

-       Gerald’s Airport Manual for Air Traffic Services

-       Gerald’s Airport Aerodrome Manual

-       Gerald’s Airport Emergency Plan, Quality Assurance Manual, Safety Management Systems Manual.

-       Eastern Caribbean Aeronautical Information Publication

-       Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 2007

-       WMO Guide to Meteorological Instruments & methods of Observation

-       WMO Technical Regulation Vol I– General Meteorological Standards & Recommended Practice

-       WMO Technical Regulation Vol II – Meteorological Service for Int. Air Nav.

-       WMO Manual On Codes – Regional & National Coding Practice

-       WMO International Cloud Atlas Vol I – Manual on the Observation of Clouds & other Meteors

-       WMO International Cloud Atlas Vol II

  • Have good general health, colour perception and no disability that prevents the performance of Air Traffic Service and Meteorological related duties;
  • Be free from alcohol, illegal substance and prescribed drug dependency;
  • A clean Police record;
  • Good problem solving skills.     
  • Pays attention to detail and accuracy.


The successful applicant will report to the Airport Manager, John A. Osborne Airport.


Appointment will be made on a permanent basis.


·      Salary commensurate with relevant qualification and experience

·      Basic salary is at 17-13, that is, EC$58,896.00 to EC$65,232.00 pa (Taxable)


Application forms can be obtained from the Government of Montserrat’s website at (click on ‘Jobs with the Government of Montserrat’) or by contacting the Human Resources Management Unit, Brades, Montserrat by e-mail to or by telephone at (+664) 491-2365/2444 or by fax at (+664) 491-6234

To apply send your completed application form or curriculum vitae with a recent police certificate/record and a cover letter with the names of at least two referees to the Human Resources Management Unit by January 31, 2018.

APPLY FOR THIS JOB: Application forms can be obtained from the Government of Montserrat’s website at (click on ‘Jobs with the Government of Montserrat’) or by contacting the Human Resources Management Unit, Brades, Montserrat by e-mail to or by telephone at (+664) 491-2365/2444 or by fax at (+664) 491-6234