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Appeal For Contributions to Refurbish Church of Saint Martin De Porres, Montserrat

  • Created Date: 08-May-2015
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St. Patrick's Parish
PO. Box 192
West Indies
Tel: 1-664-.4914360

21 April, 2015

Dear Parishioner/Friend of the Church


"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them".

Pre-Volcano the Catholic Community worshipped at three iconic churches on island: The Lady of Montserrat in St Patrick's, St Patrick's Church, Plymouth and Saint Martin De Porres Salem. All three buildings had unique architectural designs and were all symbolic of their era.

The Volcano has since destroyed the churches in St Patrick's and Plymouth and nature and time has taken a toll on the one in Salem. 

Today Saint Martin's is in dire need of immediate repair to restore it to its normal glory and make it fit to celebrate mass within its walls.

A recent survey by two prominent engineers have deemed the church unfit for use and will require immediate remedial structural work to areas which have been severely compromised. 

This work will include the complete removal and replacement of the whole main floor slab of the building and to shore up other areas which have been structurally impaired. It is estimated that the cost will be in the region of EC$200,000 (US$74,000) to make the building fit for use once more.

The church is therefore soliciting your financial assistance to carry out this very important work to allow us to continue to worship with our Catholic Community in Salem.

We ask for your donations to allow us to carry on our worship at the Church of Saint Martin De Porres in Salem. Donations should be made payable to ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. 

In the Lord's Name
Father George Agger
Parish Priest