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MNI Alive.com: Global Caribbean Media is Marketing, News & Information (MNI) for the global Caribbean Community.

Our vision is to connect Caribbean people around the world to each other and also back to the region, using the power of online media and Information Communication Technologies (ICTs)

At MNI Alive we pride ourselves on being what we term 'traders in information. Our output is one where we combine traditional news reporting with a vibrant mix of thought provoking, insightful opinion feature pieces. We further combine our information delivery to include a professional, innovative and modernised avenue where we provide marketing services for anyone, or any business who desire such. Apart from this, MNI Alive also brings information to individuals who may wish to invest or contribute to the development of the Caribbean region.

Our media house is uniquely positioned to deliver not just news and information but also to be a connective resource for all things Caribbean from entertainment, politics, business, gossip, empowerment, health and much more.

MNI Alive: Global Caribbean Media is the world's first media house that is solely focused on bringing Caribbean people together, sharing information knowledge and networking.

Mission Statement

MNI Alive’s vision is to see the Caribbean's local and Diaspora communities connected via a one stop online information media. Our aim is to be at the forefront of expanding the Caribbean’s values, culture, businesses, and ideals further throughout the world.