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J.Angelique Clothing

The Caribbean fashion revolution is real! J. Angelique is a proud Caribbean brand: its ultimate purpose to develop the Caribbean region by empowering its citizens through fashion. Fashion has the power to change the world; shape attitudes, change perceptions, build confidence and transform lives. We must use this power wisely to mould Caribbean people into respectful, self-assured and open minded individuals. Fashion for progress, this is the big picture.

I am designer Janelle Angelique Forde and I introduce to you, J. Angelique which was borne from an instinctive love for fashion and style. My work represents true Caribbean beauty, reveals self-confidence and effortless flair. J.Angelique merges traditional conceptions of the Caribbean of bright bold colours, prints and patterns with new age designs, shapes and silhouettes.

It is essential that this Caribbean brand ought to be highlighted as it brings to the fore contemporary fashion with a touch of Caribbean finesse while stressing the importance of fashion to the development of the Caribbean.