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Skerritt's Property Management and Valuation Services

1 664-496-3320
Saint Peter's Village, Saint Peter's, Montserrat

Looking for professional property management and valuation services on the Caribbean island of Montserrat?  Then meet Jenzil Skerritt!

Jenzil Skerritt is the Manager of  Skerritt's Property Management and Valuation Services.

Jenzil holds a Degree in Land Economy and Valuation Surveying from the University of Technology, Jamaica. He has also worked extensively in the field, and has worked with the Montserrat Development Corporation (MDC) within their property management portfolio division as a Project Officer.

Skerritt's Property Management and Valuation Services offers the following:

  • Valuation Surveying
  • Investment Appraisal
  • Property Asset Management
  • Investment Risk Management
  • Real Estate Portfolio Management
  • Real Estate Dealer
  • Property Developer
Contact Skerritt's today to discuss with how they can help you with your property enquiry.