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The Healing Hand of God - Shirley Kirwan

Not long ago the author suddenly became ill. Her illness was so serious that she had a near death experience. For some time, doctors were unable to detect the cause of her illness until very late which initiated an emergency heart operation. Prior to her illness she had been learning to put her trust and confidence in God in all situations. Her illness allowed her the opportunity to deepen her faith in God’s power to heal. Despite everyone’s belief that she would not recover from such grave illness; she experienced God’s miraculous healing power. Since then, folks who knew of her illness first hand and those who received reports of it were all stunned at her complete recovery. Every one she meets has been eager to hear about her experience so she shared her testimony at every opportunity. Many people encouraged her to put her testimony in writing hence, the birth of The Healing Hand of God.

‘The Healing Hand of God’ takes readers on an uplifting journey to the author’s possible deathbed, proving that God will always be the strongest remedy and panacea in times of need. Written for both devout Christians, agnostics and those who have previously shunned faith, the author’s amazing story of survival puts the power of the Bible into true perspective.

In the masterful chronicle of The Healing Hand of God, Shirley Kirwan aptly compresses her six-month critical illness into a few pages of faith-affirming reading. The book synthesizes the certainty of bible promises with her practical extra-biblical deliverance from the cold arms of death, by God’s mighty hand. The authenticity of this personal testimony is corroborated by eyewitness accounts and medical interventions, showing cumulatively, that while her physical heart was at its weakest, her spiritual heart was at its strongest.

This testimony has the ability to strengthen the grip of believers in Christ, awaken the conscience of skeptics and cynics and, for the confused struggling in the valley of indecision, be a firm stepping stone for ascent to a mountain-top experience with a miracle-working God. I recommend this book as a powerful and timely resource for all those desiring to have a closer walk with God.

As the author explains, her story provides firm proof that God works miracles. She states; “I’m not out to bash skeptics or prove too bold a point, but I’m passionate about sharing my own personal story of being saved at a time when many had already written my life off.” 

Continuing, Kirwan says; “I can’t speak on behalf of others, but my own personal experience is that God will save anyone if they take the time to get close to him. My book will assist people with the goal – it could just be life-saving.”

The Healing Hand of God’ is available now at the following outlets:

Shirley Kirwan is a proud mother of a son, Kirby Kirwan. She is resourceful, outgoing, passionate, enthusiastic, and self-determined. Shirley is a great example of diligence, loyalty, honesty, commitment and a high level of integrity and compassion. 

She is an educator, born in Montserrat. She is seventh child in her family, and was raised primarily by her mother with help from paternal grandmother. From them, she received much encouragement imparted through their words of wisdom and their demonstration of faith in God. At the early age of three she exhibited great interest in receiving formal education and when opportunity presented itself at age five Shirley grabbed it eagerly. With resilience and determination to beat all odds Shirley excelled in her educational pursuit from Primary to tertiary.

She emerged as a leader, mediator and decision-maker in family matters, which ultimately, extended beyond the family. Shirley posits a willing attitude to serve in a professional manner. She is a dependable, ardent and rather intelligent individual. She is a source of inspiration and has touched the lives of hordes of people, both young and old, wherever she goes. Shirley is a person who thinks it nothing to sacrifice her time and energy to help others. She has a moral fearlessness and spiritual insightfulness, which when blended with her loving, caring nature, demands the respect of those around her.

Shirley became a Certified Teacher in 1984. In advancement of her career, she has earned degrees at both bachelor and masters levels, and has positively impacted institutions in Montserrat, the United Kingdom and the British Virgin Islands. As a result of her desire to see children excel, she focused attention on children who present learning difficulties and challenging behaviour. Her main emphasis however, was place on teaching struggling readers, thus, becoming a Reading Specialist. Her prowess and vision transcends academic boundaries. She holds various leadership positions in the church and plays a pivotal role in the spiritual nurturing of its members. She is a woman of faith - a most cherished legacy inherited. Shirley is a dynamic woman who is moving on to conquer the frontier of writing. Her first book, The Healing Hand of God was published in 2011, and her second, The Unchanging Hand of God followed in 2013. There are four other titles to complete her “Hand of God” series.