2022 Christmas Message From Montserrat's Leader of The Opposition, Hon Paul Lewis

Leader of The Opposition on Montserrat, Hon Paul Lewis

Hon Paul Lewis

Release Date

Saturday, December 24, 2022


I take this opportunity to thank the staff at the Office of Opposition and all those who assist the office with its deliverables.

Thanks also to the staff of the Office of the Legislature and all persons who work at the Legislative Assembly providing support during the sitting of Parliament. Thanks to the Hon Speaker and all Hon Members of Parliament; the Clerk; Financial Secretary and the Attorney General. Congratulations to Dr Baker of the Department of Legislature; our reliable Clerk of Parliament and Public Accounts Committee( PAC ).

Thanks to management and staff of ZJB Radio and all other Media agencies for covering Parliament and the issues that impact our development throughout the year.

To the public servants and private sector workers; to all workers in general and service providers -  thank you for your outstanding and dedicated service.

To all living here in Montserrat thanks for your perseverance; your resilience and your patriotism; notwithstanding all you have been through to keep the island going. I look forward to working with you in these difficult times to bring about change for the better.

To our friends and families who are visiting for reunions, for Festival; or for whatever reason -  thank you for visiting us.  We know it was a sacrifice made by you. You too have displayed tremendous patriotism over the years and continue to do so. Your presence here at this time and the continuous support for Montserrat is commendable. We understand the importance of your contribution and do wish you well for the season. We appreciate your efforts and welcome you all to Montserrat. 

Thanks to the Salem Reunion Committee and MACG in their efforts to improve access into Montserrat this season. It’s unfortunate that circumstances beyond your control prevented the desired outcome.

This year was challenging. It was a turbulent experience for many who may not be too happy, as is customary, this Christmas. However, we are thankful to be alive as we have seen many of our loved ones pass on.

To our visitors, the chaos surrounding traveling to Montserrat is a bitter experience that hopefully will be resolved soon as the future of Montserrat depends on a solution sooner rather than later.

The good Lord has brought us all through our trials this year. Despite all we have been through, to be standing in the last month of the year we are thankful.

For those of us who are alive to see the season, let’s remember Christmas is a time of love; a time of giving and I wish you a time of joy with your family and friends. 

On behalf of myself and other Members of the Opposition, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

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