A Black Woman’s Letter to her Younger Product Management Self through the Lens of Diversity Hurdles

Product Magic is a podcast dedicated to showcasing the people that make product magic happen, hosted by Ronke Majekodunmi

Kat Fleischman

Release Date

Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Black powerhouse female Product Management expert Ronke Majekodunmi is at the epicenter of company innovation. Ronke believes in bringing a product strategy to fruition, a product manager must communicate through storytelling, and the story needs to travel easily through cross-functional team members, conveying how the product will solve real-world, consequential problems. 

As the current Director of Product at Promevo, Ronke collaborates with global stakeholders, leading strategy and developing new products. As a product leader, she believes design should drive conversations with customers, cross-functional partners, and leadership using wireframes or prototypes to communicate ideas. 

Ronke enjoys sharing her wisdom and experience with beginner product managers. “From the beginning of my career to where I am today, I want to highlight the challenges I have faced in my profession, the lessons I have learned, and the importance of not running away from these obstacles; but instead running towards opportunities. I hope to get the young women who attend my talks or read my blogs to think about their stories and the magic of moments that pick us.”

You can learn more about Ronke at Ronkepm.com.

More about Ronke

Outside of her 9-to-5, Ronke is a teacher at heart. She’s spoken publicly about product management at dozens of events, writes ardently about her career journey, and records “Product Magic,” a podcast dedicated to showcasing the people that make it happen, partnering with Product School as a Featured Speaker.

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