A Call For Unity For All Montserratians

A Call For Unity For All Montserratians

Gershom J Allen

Release Date

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


"THE CALL FOR UNITY FOR MONTSERRATIANS "These were the words of the Honourable Leader of the Opposition, Donaldson Romeo, as he spoke to the people in London as they came out in their numbers to hear him speak on a cold rainy night.

As a people of the Diaspora we should come together in the Mother Land and stand tall and let our voices be heard. It has been a long time coming. As it has been 18 long years with things that need to be completed in Montserrat but are still in waiting because we as a people need to stand together and let our voices be heard.

It is our time to let the world know that there are many things as a country fighting to come out of a Volcanic Crisis that we need. All the people of Montserrat near and far need to come together.

I hear in Mr Romeo, the passion for his country, and the hope that we could come together with one voice. "The government of Montserrat has a job to do but without the help of its people we are unable to finish the work of building our country back to the way is was and even better."

As Samson (Montserrat people in England) called upon God to give him one more chance to shine we as a people of Montserrat are in the right place to finish the job of getting answers to our questions and finishing the job of rebuilding our country. This time is the right time, the place is the right place, and the chance to make Montserrat become one of the leading Caribbean countries.

We the people of Montserrat cannot wait on Montserrat's Government to get everything done. The question we all have to answer, is what are we going to do today? Now ? Come together or keep waiting on the Government that has been waiting on DIFD for more financial support?

Remembering Unity is Strength, it is up to us a people of Montserrat at home and abroad to come together.

I say in those words of President John F kennedy at his Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961.. "Ask not what Montserrat can do for you but what you can do for Montserrat.

The time is now .

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