Antigua-Barbuda Capitalizes on North American Freezing Weather Conditions

Antigua-Barbuda Capitalizes on North American Freezing Weather Conditions

Antigua Tourist Board

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Amid some of the worst weather conditions, Antigua and Barbuda’s tourism team has intensified promotional efforts throughout the United States, to reinforce the destination’s marketing message and incentivize travelers who are in search of a sunny escape.

Capitalizing on record breaking frigid conditions that have plagued most of the US in recent weeks, the team has developed a calendar packed with promotional activities in upcoming weeks. Last weekend, the US tourism team joined over 150 exhibitors at the Philadelphia Enquirer Travel Show, the largest travel show in the state of Pennsylvania. Held on January 25 -26, Antigua and Barbuda’s tourism product was rolled out with flair, showcasing accommodations, cruise, yachting ,land and sea adventures and weddings and honeymoon packages.

Against a backdrop of whiteout blizzard conditions, long lines of Pennsylvania residents looking to cope with arctic blast conditions, ventured to the Travel Show in search of special offers to escape some of the worst winter conditions forecast for this season.

“We cultivated a strong marketing message by presenting show attendees with a range of offerings and special savings to help plan their sunny escape. With 365beaches, a range of award winning accommodations and attractions, we outlined a myriad of options to help lighten visitors’ moods and lift their spirits. With so many convenient airlift options from the United States to Antigua and Barbuda, our goal is to launch an aggressive marketing program during these extreme weather conditions to help propel bookings and capitalize on the untapped potential in this lucrative market,” said Derede Samuel-Whitlock, US director of tourism in the United States.

The US tourism team, joined by Rex Resorts and Sugar Ridge Resort, established a strong identity for the destination in promoting a number of “show only” special packages. The two day Pennsylvania Travel Show attracted more than 10,000 consumers, travel professionals and media.

During the next eight weeks, the US team will hit the road to reinforce the destination’s presence at the NY Times Show and the Boston Globe Show, as well as adventure shows in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, New Jersey and Connecticut. These are some of the areas identified as having with the highest concentration of wealth in the United States._x000D_

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