Antigua & Barbuda’s Triflex Excursions and Bush Bungalow

Antigua & Barbuda's Triflex Excursions

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Thursday, January 26, 2023


Getting the most​​​ excitement​​​ out of​​​ their vacation is a​​​ common​​​ goal for many visitors to ​​ Antigua and Barbuda​​’s sunny shores. With no shortage of incredible cultural, wellness, and outdoor activities, it can be overwhelming to settle on your itinerary. For the adventurous but indecisive, a guided tour might just be the best option - and perhaps no tour is more varied than a Triflex Excursion. By combining biking, kayaking, and hiking, this novel and challenging tour ​​​leverages a trifecta of thrilling physical activities to ​​​take your experience to another level. In groups of at least 10 people, tourists can enjoy kayaking in a mangrove lagoon, ​​​a breezy bike ride​​​​​​​ through the streets of St John`s, ​​​and a hike to one of the ​​​historic ​​​forts overlooking St. John’s.

​​​Triflex Excursions has been growing​​​ in popularity​​​ among tourists who want a more active vacation.​ Besides being a healthy way to spend the day, they also offer a chance to engage with the destination’s extensive history​​. All across the islands, one can spot architectural relics of Antigua and Barbuda’s colonial past: colourful churches, seaside towns, and well-preserved naval installations. There are many interesting natural sites for hikers to explore as well, with rare geological natural formations like “The Bats Cave” and “The Devil’s Bridge” attracting admirers from around the globe.

If you’re the type that works up an appetite after a bout of physical activity, end (or start) your Triflex tour with a visit to Antigua's first minimal waste, plant-based restaurant. Bush Bungalow specializes in local and regional cuisine, offering a seasonal menu ​​​​​​with a variety of healthy options like breakfast smoothies, gratitude bowls, plant-based shepherd's pie, tasty pastries and much more, all created by Chef Jermaine Jonas. The restaurant also offers various events that enhance travellers' wellness experiences with zumba and yoga classes. 

​​Do not lose your chance to enjoy the most of your trip: book a Triflex excursion and enjoy the fantastic meals from Bush Bungalow.​​ For more information and excursion bookings please visit ""​.

You can learn more about the tasty offerings at Bush Bungalow through their Instagram.

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