Antigua National Security Minister Condemns Latest Shootings

Antigua National Security Minister Condemns Latest Shootings

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


National Security Minister Dr. Errol Cort Monday expressed "sadness and regret" over the latest shootings in the country that have led to the deaths of two people and a third hospitalised.

In a brief statement, Cort said that in less than 12 hours, two men, ages 29 and 19 "were brutally gunned down and a third individual hospitalised with gunshot wounds.

"In both incidences, robbery does not appear to be the motive. The police continue to carry out investigations into the said shootings and I urge members of the public who may have relevant information surrounding these matters to come forward and share the information with the police," Cort said.

He told members of the population that he was given them the "assurance that the police will do everything within their powers to ensure that the perpetrator(s) of these atrocious acts are brought to justice.

"I also use this occasion to reassure members of the public that your safety and security are of paramount importance. The police and the military forces will therefore be extra vigilant in an effort to ensure that all are fully protected."

The police said that 29-year-old Edwin Williams was shot and killed on the job while 19-year-old Tevin Edwards was murdered while he was in a shop, shortly after midnight on Sunday.

Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Superintendent Nuffield Burnette has condemned what he termed "the senseless and foolish killings" adding "I am shocked over the behaviour of these individuals who would have carried out these brutal murders".

Cort said that so far eight people have been murdered here this year

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