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Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF)

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Monday, January 18, 2021


News organizations that can demonstrate their impact on advancing the quality of digital journalism are encouraged to apply for the new Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF)-Facebook Journalism Project Digital News Innovation Award. The winner receives a $10,000 prize. The deadline is February 19.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and at a time when the media landscape is sprouting startups and traditional publishers are experimenting with engaging new audiences, this award focuses on one of the most pressing issues confronting the news industry: the need for digital innovations to power journalism’s future.

“This new award recognizes that with journalism still facing myriad challenges on multiple fronts, fresh and creative thinking on the digital front remains essential, We want to reward those who possess the passion and drive to develop innovative ways of engaging with citizens while clearly demonstrating the value of journalism in everyday life.”

- Susan Harada, associate professor of journalism at Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communication and jury chair

The award replaces and builds upon a collaboration between the CJF and Facebook Journalism Project’s News Literacy Award that highlighted the efforts of Canadian organizations promoting news literacy.

“Facebook has long invested in partnerships and programs to encourage and support the development of new, sustainable business models for news organizations in Canada," says Kevin Chan, head of public policy for Facebook Canada. "We’ve seen first-hand how innovation leads directly to increased representation of voices heard and the quality of stories told. We’re thrilled to be working with the Canadian Journalism Foundation on this new iteration of our award to recognize digital news innovation in Canada from emerging publishers and established newsrooms.” 

This revamped award opportunity will promote the work of Canadian startups, local and national news outlets, and drive new initiatives and projects focused on this important issue.

View the jury. 


As news organizations continue to face unprecedented challenges and demands for change, the CJF-FJP Digital News Innovation Award recognizes innovations in digital media that have a demonstrated impact in advancing the quality of digital journalism.

Innovation can come in a wide range of approaches, including (but not restricted to): new formats for audiences (e.g. mobile products, etc.); new storytelling techniques; data-driven storytelling; a new digital product produced by the newsroom; involvement of the community in story development; or partnerships or team approaches to reporting and producing stories.

It is up to individual applicants to identify and explain what is innovative about the approach or technique they are nominating, and provide evidence of audience response and engagement.

While it may have taken more than a year from concept to implementation, the impact of the innovation must have occurred in 2020.

Judges will have a particular interest in innovations that help the news organization increase the size of its audience while attracting new audiences for its journalism.

The winning news organization will receive a cash prize of $10,000, with thanks to the generous support of award sponsor Facebook Journalism Project.


For inquiries:
Natalie Turvey, President and Executive Director, The Canadian Journalism Foundation

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