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Monday, April 30, 2018


Now in its 9th year, Moniker Art Fair aims to spotlight emerging and established talent from a burgeoning and increasingly diverse contemporary art movement forged by its subversive and innovative spirit. Staged for the first time during New York’s most important art week in May, Moniker International Art Fair attracts some of the most talked about artists, galleries and collectors from the finer side of the street art movement and its related subcultures.

Moniker rallies against the familiar grind of the art fair season with a curated, experiential and immersive focus, creating unique settings for the display of artists and their work. With a proven track record of delivering a rich and varied program since its formation in 2010, the fair has grown significantly since its inception both in terms of audience and relevance.

Ralph Ziman at 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair

Ralph Ziman has reclaimed a Casspir armored vehicle for his work, SPOEK 1. Casspir is synonymous with the heavy hand of apartheid oppression in the townships and urban areas of South Africa. While designed originally as a military vehicle, it was used extensively against civilian populations in the 1980’s. For his installation, Ziman has covered the surface of the Casspir with elaborate, brightly-colored panels of glass beads, arrayed in traditional patterns made by artisans from Zimbabwe and the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. With SPOEK 1 (and the larger The Casspir Project), Ziman, sets out to confront the past and start a dialogue on where we are going.

Amie Cunat: Meetinghouse On View at Victori + Mo

For Meetinghouse, Cunat alters the architecture of the gallery to resemble a Shaker meetinghouse. Within the space are sculpted everyday objects such as chairs, and tables rendering in Cunat's signature style of painted hand-cut cardboard. These are purposefully made to feel gestural, giving the edges of the objects/sculptures an organic wave, similar to a hand-drawn line. Created in a one-to-one ratio, the furniture in the room will appear functional, while in reality, nothing is weight-bearing. This contrived, faux appearance and lack of functionality most strikingly opposes the Shaker ethos of everything having a purpose.

Sculpture 56 on View Through May 27th

Sculpture 56 is a six-week long contemporary sculpture event where eleven participating galleries present dynamic and immersive exhibitions of contemporary sculpture in a range of materials, styles, and themes.Participating galleries include: Amos Eno Gallery, DAVID&SCHWEITZER, Fresh Window, Honey Ramka, NurtureArt, Robert Henry Contemporary, Slag Contemporary, SOHO20, Studio 10 and VICTORI + MO

Miya Ando on View at The Noguchi Museum

The Noguchi Museum presents two sculptures by artist Miya Ando created especially for installation in the Museum’s indoor-outdoor gallery. The works, suspended plate-glass sculptures internally etched with images of clouds, share Isamu Noguchi’s interest in sculpting ephemeral materials, and in using them to shape space. The works will be on view through August 25, 2018.

Kathy Ruttenberg on Broadway: “in dreams awake”

Artist Kathy Ruttenberg presents six site specific fantastical sculptures that appear on the Broadway Malls between 64th and 157th Streets. The artist's first major outdoor sculpture installation is presented by the Broadway Mall Association and organized in cooperation with NYC Parks. It will be on view to the public through February 2019.

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