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Monday, January 17, 2022


When we think of art, what names come to mind? For many, the titans of classical painting such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet and more. Each of these artists had a unique way of bringing art to life, so much so that we continue to honour their works by putting them on display for the whole world to see. While the practice of putting paint on canvas may seem trivial to some, art allows for an expression of emotion that words alone fail to match. The story and experiences of the artist speaks through their art, and through this cathartic process a shared connection is born between creator and viewer.  

Lynne Bernbaum Art Gallery

Art from Anguilla

Artist: Lynne Bernbaum

There are many collections located all over the island, one of the must-see studios belongs to Lynne Bernbaum, a US expat who fell in love with Anguilla during the 80s and moved to the island in 1995. Situated on the scenic bay of Sandy Ground, Bernbaum’s work brings the essence of the island to life. Bernbaum believes that to truly create a masterpiece, you need to understand its true nature. From its shape to its colour palette, texture, and more, these factors contribute to creating a unique piece of art. Bernbaum has a few collections showcased in her gallery – hats, market scenes and intimate bar moments. The latter is in a partnership with a local bar, where Bernbaum uses organic, spontaneous moments of connection as inspiration to create a tangible, lasting memory. Bernbaum’s work can also be seen at the new Greg Norman Golf Course at Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club.

Cheddie's Carving Studio

Art from Anguilla

Cheddie’s Carving Studio, photo courtesy of

Cheddie Richardson, an Anguillian native who has been creating artwork since he was nine years old and uses what the island naturally provides to create his driftwood sculptures. Richardson’s creative spirit has led to his work being featured in multiple publications. Richardson has even caught the eyes of the British Royalty, presenting a sculpture to Queen Elizabeth II during a visit to Anguilla in the late 90s. The sculpture remains in the Royal art Collection in England! 

Quintessence Hotel, Relais & Châteaux

Art from Anguilla
Interested in Haitian art? A large collection of art can be found at the Quintessence Hotel, a Relais & Châteaux boutique luxury hotel. Procured by the property owner, Geoffrey Fieger, the hotel hosts one of the world’s largest Haitian art collections. Fieger partnered with Le Centre d’Art to help rebuild homes in Haiti after a devastating earthquake. Le Centre d’Art was founded in 1944 as an institution dedicated to educating and supporting local Haitian artists. The collection contains more than 1000 pieces by famous Haitian artists such as Jasmine Joseph, Henri Robert Bresil and Albott Bonhomme. These pieces range from paintings, metalwork and sculpture all available for purchase via a recently unveiled gallery.
While the island of Anguilla is home to some of the most beautiful properties and beaches, it also has an astonishing art community. So when deciding to book your vacation, remember that a visit to Anguilla will not only relax your body and mind but unlock your creative spirit as you gaze upon these local masterpieces! 

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