Barbados Police Helping Investigate Antigua Gun Crimes

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Barbados police are assisting their counterparts here in the investigations of a number of gun-related crimes including the murder of Susan Powell, a mother of five, who was gunned downed at her workplace in the capital last month.

A government statement said that the four-member team from Barbados has already arrived here, indicating that their visit follow statements by Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer and National Security Minister Dr. Errol Cort that "they would be seeking assistance from regional and international partners to assist the members of the Royal Police Force of Antigua in Barbuda in investigating the recent upsurge in crime taking place in the country"'.

The statement said that Antigua and Barbuda has expressed "thanks"' to the Barbados government "for availing these senior officers to travel to Antigua and assist with the ongoing criminal investigations"'.

Last month, Cort announced that the government is offering an EC$100,000 (One EC$ = US$0.37 cents) reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the brazen daylight murder of Powell as he expressed his outrage at the murder.

Cort said he would also be taking to Parliament a Criminal Justice Bill, "that will seek to not only increase the penalties for gun related and other serious crimes, but will also seek to create a number of new offences and stiffer penalties in an effort to further control criminal activities taking place in the country"'.

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