Blossoming Beauty: Explore Lush Greenery at Habitation Céron in Martinique

The enchanting 300-year-old Zamana tree at Habitation Céron, courtesy of the Martinique Tourism Authority

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024


The beautiful island of Martinique reveals a rich tale marked by influential figures, the blending of languages, passionate people and storied traditions. From timeless architecture to vibrant biodiversity, Martinique has earned its nickname “The Island of Flowers.” This paradise is defined through its multi-faceted lush and green landscapes - a product of its volcanic origins - making the island a can’t-miss destination for nature lovers.

Specifically, the island hides a secluded nexus of untouched greenery and man-made design, originally built in 1658 during the colonial period. Habitation Céron, situated on a historic estate in the town of Le Prêcheur on the north side near Anse Ceron Beach, is newly restored and open to the public to visit. Awaiting you there is a 5,000 m² park, an award-winning exceptional garden, and so much more:

A Scenic Journey: Picture yourself strolling along the Habitation’s verdant rainforest with your family or loved one, sharing a picturesque journey and being enthralled by an abundance of greenery. On your tranquil walk, open your senses to the smell of hibiscus, banana flowers, and blisters. Be camera-ready, as you may encounter the blue lizards and hummingbirds that make their home in this serene atmosphere.

A Fresh Bite: After taking your sublime tour through Habitation Céron, stop for a quick bite to eat at their restaurant and relish the experience of dining in a rainforest. Uncover a menu packed with fresh ingredients gathered and harvested right on the estate. Specializing in Creole cuisine that narrows in on ecotourism, treat yourself to Crayfish on plancha. Tie up your meal and satisfy your sweet tooth with their famous homemade brownie. 

Agrotourism Initiatives: Initially founded to cultivate sugar cane, manioc (mild, nutty, and a bit sweet), and cacao, Habitation today focuses on reducing its environmental impact. These initiatives include the rehabilitation of their cacao farm: the planting of 2,000 cacao trees, and the sustainable harvest of Martinique’s award-winning Valcaco, which took the 2024 Amsterdam Chocolate Fair by storm. On top of this, the tending of fruit trees continues in their magical garden, which hosts the 300-year-old Zamana tree - the largest tree in the Caribbean. 

Wake up and smell the hibiscus at Habitation Céron, a unique location that boasts enchantment only found in a fairy tale. Contributing to Martinique’s reputation of being the “Island of Flowers” this bloom-filled park and the historic estate is an exceptional spot for sightseeing and exploring gorgeous and awe-inspiring greenery. 

Aerial view of Habitation Céron, Martinique courtesy of Valentin Pacaut

Aerial view of Habitation Céron, Martinique courtesy of Valentin Pacaut

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