Bob Marley"s Message Still Resonates


Stephen Weir

Release Date

Friday, February 8, 2019


Lloyd Delpratt, one of Bob Marley’s first recording studio keyboardists, spoke at a City Hall ceremony to proclaim February 6th Bob Marley Day in Toronto. The musician remembered the famed late Jamaican singer as a major eagle, a man who soared above everyone, everywhere.

“ Even though he has passed, he has never gone away,” Delpratt told a hush audience. Bob reached out (from beyond the grave) to help me find away.”

“ I remember I was in Italy and Bob came to me in a dream. I didn’t know then he was sick but when he lay his head in my lap I tried to heal him,” he continued. “ I saw him later at a concert in Europe and I could tell in his voice that he was very sick. (At that point I understood my dream.)”

Delpratt was one of 8 people with life experiences that tie in with the message of the late Jamaican superstar spoke at the Annual Bob Marley Day proclamation ceremony.

The hour-long noon event was held in the Members Lounge of the Toronto City Hall. It all began with Deputy Mayor Michael Thompson reading out the city’s official proclamation. The city has commemorated Marley’s music and legacy each year since his death in 1981. Marley was most famous for respecting women and promoting peace and tolerance through his music and lyrics. The Jamaican-born singer-songwriter was responsible for numerous worldwide hits including “One Love,” and “Redemption Song.”

Thompson said that this year the city is showing Marley’s colours in light. In honour of the singer the Toronto sign on Nathan Phillips Square and the CN Tower will be lit with the red, green, gold Jamaica colours throughout the day and night.

Bob Marley Day Committee Chair and CEO of Jamaica’s Timeless Herbal Care, Mr. Courtney Betty with the assistance of Mr. Lloyd Wilks. Consul General of Jamaica, oversaw the presentations of nine awards at the Wednesday press event.

‘These Awards are presented annually,” said Courtney Betty “to those “who embody him in a humanitarian and activist manner. These are the real heroes!”

BOB MARLEY DAY TORONTO 2019 Award Recipient Names

1. JUSTICE MICHAEL H TULLOCH – Ontario Court Judge/Policing Report

2. DR KEVIN ROD, MD – Pain Medicine Clinic/Medical Cannabis Specialist

3. DR GORDON CHANG, PhD – Pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical Products

4. DR ALEX MACGREGOR, PhD – Professor Bio Pharmaceutics Technology

5. MR DARACE ROSE – IT professional/Community Advocate

6. MR JAMAAL MAGLOIRE – NBA Player /Raptors Coach/Youth Foundation (presented at a recent Raptor basketball game)

7. MS PAT WRIGHT – Cancer Survivor/Wellness Author/Live Food Café

8. MRS PAM CLARKE – Nurse/Community Health & Wellness Advocate

9 LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD presented by the Jamaica Tourist Board in absentation to MS MARCIA GRIFFITHS – Jamaican International Reggae Artist/Vocalist

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