Breakfast And A View

 Great view from St Thomas

Theo Semper

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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Scrambled eggs, bacon, butter bread and a Coors Lite. Not your usual breakfast combination. But it's not the breakfast that's significant. It's where I ate it.

On the verandah overlooking the Caribbean Sea with a nice brisk breeze in my face. There is talk on The Weather Channel of a tropical wave approaching, but this is not it. That storm is nowhere near St Thomas or any of the US Virgin Islands. The sky is only partly cloudy and the sun comes out ever so often to add its warmth to this beautiful scene.

Below me the garden is lush with fruit trees. A breadfruit tree is loaded with ripe breadfruit. (Is the breadfruit a fruit of vegetable?) I can't see any mangoes in the tree from here but I am going to check it out later. I'm also going to check out the gooseberry and plum rose trees. And I am going to get me a coconut for sure.

The pool off to my left is calling me to come take a swim. It is inviting but I can't be enticed away from this amazing view. Way off to the left is a steep mountainside--green and lush with vegetation, most of which I can't identify except for the coconut trees and mango trees and the tree with the orange flowers. Bougainvilleas, I think.

My eyes are drawn to back to the waters of the Caribbean Sea"'clear blue water for miles until it kisses the sky on the horizon. Only yachts sailing off on their own sea adventures interrupt the serenity of the sea. Other boats make their way to smaller islands dotting the northern coast of St Thomas.

They call this the American Paradise. And I know why. No other word can describe this experience.

Oh yeah, my little sister is here with me. She had breakfast with me also. No beer for her though. She couldn't care less about the view. She lives with this everyday so it's nothing to her. The things we take for granted!

Me? I'm not moving from this spot on the verandah"_Ever!

Photo Credit To Island Hidden Treasures

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