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World Animal Protection

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Tuesday, December 17, 2019


Global charity World Animal Protection works to stop the suffering of animals worldwide. During the holiday season, those who care about animals can help by purchasing a World Animal Gift.

Animals can bring us so much happiness. Yet, around the world they face abuse and suffering. Elephants and dolphins are cruelly exploited in the entertainment tourism industry, street dogs are killed due to the fear of rabies and every day pigs suffer on factory farms. But there is hope and this is a great time of year to give something back to animals.

For those who love wildlife, your gift can help the charity continue their work to stop the selling of cruel attractions where dolphins and elephants are forced to live in captivity. These animals are often kept in inhumane conditions and must interact with humans, day in and day out with activities like elephant rides or swimming with dolphins. World Animal Protection works with travel companies to stop selling, promoting and offering elephant rides and shows and so far, more than 240 companies have agreed to do so. World Animal Protection has also moved Air Canada, Transat, Sunwing and TripAdvisor to stop selling and promoting dolphin entertainment.

If you love bears there are also ways to help them. In Pakistan, bears are cruelly used for an inhumane blood sport called bear baiting where they are pitted against trained dogs and can't defend themselves. In 1997, World Animal Protection joined forces with the Pakistan Bioresource Research Centre (BRC). Together they are working to end bear baiting and dancing for good. Your gift can go towards healing rescued bears with food and medication, giving them good lives at a sanctuary.

For the dog lovers out there, there are gifts for helping dogs around the world where they are killed because people fear they have rabies. Your gift can help World Animal Protection continue to provide vaccines to dogs, as well as spay and neuter programs to control dog populations.

"These gifts can make such a big difference in the lives of animals. Whether you love dogs, wildlife, farm animals or marine life, our holiday gift guide has something for all animal lovers," says Beth Sharpe, Communications Director for World Animal Protection.

There are many great gifts to choose from:

Be a dog's best friend – Help vaccinate 50 dogs against rabies for $50.You'll save their lives and help them live in better harmony with their community. Dogs that are vaccinated also get a collar to show they are protected from rabies.

Give second chances to elephants – A gift of $25 can help us educate tourists and tour operators on getting exploitive elephant tourism off travel wish lists. 

Go where the need is greatest – This gift will go towards helping the most urgent situations of animals in need for $100.

Give pigs a proper home for the holidays –Your gift of $45 can help get pigs out of inhumane farming conditions such as cages and overcrowding and into better environments.

Make a "beary" and bright future  – Help heal two rescued bears with vital medication for $35. 

Visit to learn more and choose from a variety of life-saving gifts.

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