Caribbean-Canadian Natanyah Peterkin Takes "Night Table" to the Masses


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Monday, March 1, 2021


Caribbean-Canadian Natanyah Peterkin has released her new book ‘Night Table to the international market.

Night Table, is a collection of provocatively written poetry that is both soul-stretching and sensually awakening. This book of erotic, enticing poetry is geared towards arousing all of its readers’ senses as well as inspiring a deeper feeling of desire.

The Jamaica-born, Toronto-based Natanyah is considered by many as a true healer and has worn many hats in her life and career which include Social & Community Worker, Holistic Practitioner, Retreat Host/Producer, Entrepreneur and most importantly Mother.

She proudly wears the title of Author with this latest literary publication.

The book targets adult readers (regardless of gender and relationship status), who are open-minded to sexuality/sensuality and spiritual enlightenment. 

Written with the intention to not only stimulate but to also edify and invigorate, the self-authored Night Table showcases Natanyah’s insight into sensuality, sex, and love-making.

She shared, “This poetry is better than film, better than magazines. It will have your imagination creating the love life that you never thought was possible and the sex life that you always dreamed of. This book connects you to that blissful, captivating energy through the art of love-making, expanding the sensual mind without the use of intimacy toys.”

Thus far, Night Table has received a tremendous response, with several readers sharing testimonials about the book’s positive impact on them, their life-changing experiences upon reading it and their newly-found/renewed openness to expressing their most intimate thoughts and feelings.

Natanyah hopes to get more readers’ blood pumping but most-importantly to remind them about what it is to truly desire, again. She also aspires to have copies of Night Table in households in every country around the globe and to hopefully one day have the book adapted for television by an industry visionary the likes of Tyler Perry.

She added, “This book of poetry is an amazing, divinely-inspired gift of pure authentic love that was transcribed into words. It is definitely something you’ll want to share with yourself and or your lover and keep it next to you on your night table.”

‘Night Table’ is available for purchase on Amazon: as well as via Kindle E-Book, Chapters Indigo online and Barnes & Noble online. For further information visit: or contact Natanyah at

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