Caribbean, Latin American-Led Innovators Offer Web3 Investment Opportunity To Benefit The Amazon

Lucía Gallardo, co-founder of The Aeternals

The Aeternals

Release Date

Friday, April 22, 2022


A global group of mission-driven technologists, creatives, and community builders are set to launch a first-of-its-kind, non-fungible token (NFT) collection that merges investment opportunities, technology and gamification to protect the environment.

The Aeternals co-founder Lucía Gallardo, a Honduran serial entrepreneur and experimenter, explained that The Aeternals, which will be available to collectors in the upcoming weeks, connects the nonprofit sector with popular culture in an innovative and engaging way, opening up new opportunities for viability outside of traditional fundraising mechanisms. 

Gallardo, also the founder of Emerge – a technology development lab building at the convergence of exponential technologies, sustainable development and re-imagined economic incentive structures – believes properly designed Web3 projects can help reverse generational and cyclical inequality, whilst protecting and preserving the planet.

“Impact can be an investable asset class,” she said, highlighting the project’s play-to-protect interactive game, which triggers the NFT in a collector’s wallet to blossom and evolve. 

Raised in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Gallardo, an MIT Innovator Under 35, has partnered with The Aeternals co-founder Trinidadian Shaun Khan of Digigo, an agency focused on innovating at the cutting edge of NFT design and delivery. 

Non-fungible tokens are a digital vehicle for transforming digital assets – including works of art and collectible items – into unique, traceable assets that can be verified and easily traded on the blockchain market.

Gallardo explained that the more “we realign and re-imagine the underlying economic incentives that make up our financial instruments toward more regenerative and impact-associated market dynamics, the more possible sustainable economic systems become.”

The Aeternals is the first NFT to combine beautiful digital art, interactive gamification, impact, and metamorphic change.

“When we collect, we protect,” mused Gallardo as she invited Web3 enthusiasts and beginners alike to become guardians and join the Aeternals Ecoverse, a community of collectors who have a deep connection and collective resolve to create a positive impact on the natural world.

Each Aeternals plot, inspired by acres of Amazonian Rainforest, rotates so it can be explored and interacted with within the game environment. The more ways collectors interact with their NFTs, the more the flowers and trees within it bloom, both in-game and in-wallet. Fifty-five percent (55%) of the minting profits are directed to support the protection and continued conservation of the Amazon’s biodiversity hotspots.

“Our NFT is a measure of personal impact – the more it has blossomed, the more committed to the cause we know the collector to be. This is particularly intriguing, as it merges social behaviours and movements with technology and finance,” Gallardo explained.

The Aeternals has chosen to direct funds to Rainforest Partnership, a renowned environmental organisation that works to help rainforest communities in Ecuador, Peru, and now Mexico, become economically self-sufficient and self-advocating, whilst educating global audiences about the role rainforests play in climate protection.

The Aeternals community will ultimately help protect one of the Earth’s oldest and most valuable ecosystems, whilst continuing to innovate at the forefront of the potential multidimensionality, metamorphosis and interactivity of NFTs.
The Aeternals collection will be available on Nifty Gateway, one of the most trusted NFT marketplaces within the Ethereum ecosystem.

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About The Aeternals
The Aeternals is the first NFT to combine beautiful 3D digital art, interactive gamification, and metamorphosis with tangible social impact and a custom impact measurement framework. Each unique and stunning asset, when bought and/or sold, contributes directly and transparently to the protection of rainforests; purchases carbon offsets; provides access to an exclusive game environment; grants access to a tiered community of like-minded collectors; and enables access to a small batch of ultra-rare NFTs which include, for example, the rights to name newly discovered species of the Amazon. 
The Aeternals is co-founded by Digigo, an agency offering NFTs-as-a-Service, and Emerge, an agency specialising in bridging together distributed technologies with sustainable development and economic incentive models. Together, Digigo and Emerge work on NFT-based instruments, such as The Aeternals, that make impact an investable asset class and socioeconomic movement. 
Rainforest Partnership fuels the work of indigenous and rainforest communities, who are guarding the rainforests of South America to support a healthy and vibrant planet.

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