Catholic League Disapproves of Nicki Minaj's Grammy Performance

nicki minaj grammy performance

Ebonie Jones

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Thursday, February 9, 2012


The point at which the Catholic League was pushed over the edge is irrelevant because we have been here before. Please be reminded of Madonna's sacrilegious Like A Prayer in which the cross was burned and Lady Gaga's questionable Judas. Who should we blame for the constant mockery of Christianity? Should we blame the artists, the media, or The Recording Academy? It's difficult to say who should bear the blame, considering the agenda to rid our nation of all things Christian and everyone is riding on the separation of church and state bandwagon.

Bill Donohue went on to state that, never would they [The Recording Academy] allow an artist to insult Judaism or Islam. I agree that they wouldn't. Why? Because those practicing are not afraid to voice their opinions, grievances, and disapproval regarding how their faith is being portrayed. Moreover, in Israel and in Islamic countries, the nation embraces the religion.

Yes, Christianity is a personal affair. It's a relationship, not just a religion, but we're sometimes not as offended as we should be; we're quick to state that we follow Christ, but when it comes to defending our truth, our Christ, we're rather hush-hush on certain matters, and our attitude is rather cavalier. This just might be the spirit of the times.

Then again, some followers are more religious than spiritual and vice-versa. I found Madonna's burning of the cross much more repulsive than Nicki Minaj's mock confession. Another Christian might find the entire performance a bit demonic in nature, while another might find it psychologically disturbing. Whatever the interpretation, ours is not a nation that firmly upholds Christian standards. Hence, it's absurd to expect the music industry to consider religious positions before approving a particular performance, music video or song, if it's almost becoming taboo to voice one's Christian beliefs and standards.

It's also a bit ridiculous to hold worldly organizations to a religious or spiritual standard. Why would The Recording Academy find Nicki Minaj's performance offensive based on religious grounds? Why would they take into consideration that Christians would be offended? This is the nation that removed prayer from schools; this is the nation where people file lawsuits to remove the name of God from the Pledge of Allegiance and the Ten Commandments from courthouse steps; this is the same nation that aired Jack Black praying in jest to satanic forces during the 2009 VMA awards.

So, why are we really offended by Nicki's performance?

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Editor-in-Chief's Note: Ebonie Jones is a freelance contributor with MNI Alive

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