Claude "Bambi" Hogan's Interview With MNI Alive Media's Editor-in-Chief

Claude "Bambi" Hogan's Interview With MNI Alive Media's Editor-in-Chief

Jeevan A. Robinson

Release Date

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Claude "Bambi" Hogan recently was interviewed by MNI Alive Media's Editor-in-Chief, on the evening of Friday, August 22, 2014, live on ZJB Radio.

Hogan, who is contesting the 2014 elections on Montserrat on a PDM ticket, spent time discussing his party's plans for leadership of the island, as well as speaking towards how they will finance many of the ideas they have put forward for national development.

Whilst in the studio, he also took the time to speak about programmes his party will undertake to alleviate hardship on Montserrat and create more opportunities for poor and disadvantaged people to advance up the social and economic ladder.

Questions were further posed to him regarding the current condition of the economy on Montserrat and why he feels Premier Reuben T Meade's administration has been bad at managing the affairs of the country over the period of their stewardship.

Hogan was also asked to address the contentious issue of a potential leadership challenge within the PDM Party, and to provide clarity on alleged statements he is said to have made on this issue.

All these matters and more he expounds upon during his live one-on-one interview with MNI Alive Media.

Click play below to listen to Claude "Bambi" Hogan's interview with MNI Alive Media


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