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Jeevan Robinson

Release Date

Sunday, January 23, 2011


The Emerald Isle: Still a gem in the Caribbean
Despite all that has happened to the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean, Montserrat is still standing beautiful and resurgent. Ah..but what of the much talked about volcano you ask? Well I say to you, come on down and see for yourself just how beautiful Montserrat is. True, the volcano remains but her effects on Montserrat have not left her so much tarnished but instead have focused the island's collective energies towards creating sustainability and the continuation of the tranquility for which the island has always been internationally respected for. All this is now happening in the safe northern part of Montserrat.

The old capital city Plymouth, is the world's modern day Pompei! A city buried under volcanic deposits, an uninhabited side of the island that can be viewed from safely allocated viewing platforms at various locations around the approved safe zone. Montserrat is very much alive and the island's people are inviting the world to come and partake in Montserrat's enchanting beauty, her hospitality and the most spectacular natural show of nature transforming a landscape to be found anywhere in the Caribbean.

Situiated 27 miles south east of Antigua, the two islands cannot be more different. The main hub of activity is in the north of Montserrat. The new capital city, Little Bay is being developed with earnest creating opportunities and excitement for what is ahead for this still pristine Caribbean beauty.

So join in and share in the delights of what Montserrat has to offer, the volcano is but a mare section of what this island is about. Montserrat is about much more than sporadic ash clouds. The island is about strength, a never say die attitude, relaxation and some of the most friendly people you will ever encounter.

Fast Facts about Montserrat:

Chief Minister: The Honourable Reuben T Meade

Nationality: Montserratian/British

Visa: None required

Currency:(EC$); US$1= EC$2.70

Departure tax: EC$55

Population: 4800

Country code: 664

Telecomms Provider:LIME

National Radio:ZJBRadio ( Radio Montserrat)

National Bird: Oriole

National Flower: Heliconia

National Fruit: Julie Mango

National Dish: Goat Water

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