Comparison of 10 Best-selling Products In The World

Comparison of 10 Best-selling Products In The World

Chris Sibbet

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Thursday, July 31, 2014


What have condoms got to do with Coke? Melinda Gates made a case in a September 2010 TED Talk that humanitarian agencies could use the Coca-Cola global logistics model to distribute medicines and sanitation (condoms included) to remote areas that need health care access. “Coke is everywhere!” she said. A remote Congolese village may lack roads, public health system, or electricity, but a corner store will pop a bottle of Coke for you.

Such is Coca-Cola’s reach worldwide, it sells about 1.8B servings daily. To put that in perspective, that’s like 2 out of 8 persons in the world drinking Coke every day. Did that visual trick make Coke’s humongous sales clearer to you?

Soft drinks are not the only things that are selling unbelievably hot. In our latest infographic, we list ten of the best-selling products in the world ever, but instead of just giving you cold, abstract numbers, we put their incredible sales against something that you can grasp. For instance, what weighs as much as an aircraft carrier? Surprise! The combined weight of Lay’s potato chips sold in the U.S. every year. Or, this–if you drive from NYC to LA back and forth for 48 times, you just covered the entire length of all Toyota Corollas sold and put together bumper to bumper.

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