COVID-19 Responsibilities

COVID-19 Responsibilities

COVID-19 Responsibilities

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Eleven contracted, two hospitalized and one death to date. One death is a dreadful situation but on the larger scale, that is statistic I thank God for. We escaped with one death with shear luck and the will of a God. One death is powerful on a survival basis, but if your family are the ones grieving, then that’s one too many. Now I’m praying total recovery for all souls, in our little island and beyond, Health is wealth.

I am so proud of the Montserrat government, taking that positive step to shut down the island for two weeks. A way to isolate the virus, so that when it shows up it’s easier to identify, contain and maybe eradicate.

Now Montserrat is a very small island with a very small population. A means of control should be easy.

The world is expecting a next wave of Coronavirus, if nations open up too quickly, and also when the winter enters the Southern Hemisphere. Our guards should never be down. Proper testing is essential. The big question is, do we have means of proper testing at each egress?

Before I get too far into this let me take some time to Thank every member of our Health services. The true heroes of this pandemic. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!

Now Politicians from China, USA through to Montserrat and beyond, they all will need arm extenders to pat themselves on the back for the good job they’ve done.

I’m not saying politicians lie; that is an oxymoron. However, eventually, we will have the massive notation of the number of lives they save. No, no, don’t tell me. Even they know it’s their job to take care of the population. That’s what we hired them to do. I know it but they still want to hear, ‘Thank you’, Let’s do it in unison they deserve it. They did a good job.

Come on! don’t laugh, they did. Oh they lied? That’s politics? Okay, let’s agree to disagree. It’s not politics when politicians from China to Montserrat and beyond laugh in our face and lie. Lie, that they have a means of controlling the virus; means of testing; means of providing safety to the citizens; and when the virus arrived they covered their face like Scooby doo scouring “Rooohoo”.

These same no good politicians, and in this I am bringing out my big brush. I am painting all because they had enough time to verify whether we had a means of checking or not, and they did not. Here, unveiling a perfect example of why, I believe party politics is awful. No one to fact check. It is one leader and a bunch of yes men. Except when the shit hit the fan they all have a generalized lie and a means of pointing and passing the buck.

There is a President out there who learnt of the situation since December. He said January. Okay, but still no reaction until March. This is not because I’m backing any party, if you did not react immediately you are a fool. Bragging and boasting with a shit load of conspiracy theory doesn't work.

USA , Montserrat, England or China - If your neighbor's house is on fire, hell, wet yours. The best doctors in the world can’t help you if they are not equipped. Every life that could’ve been saved, should have been saved. Because of politicians sleeping at the wheel, many people got ill and tested positive. There is a chance that due to the condescending thoughts and complacency of many politicians who convinced us on television, and on the radio station, that it is under control, and yet they did nothing because they were still sitting on their hands.

Let me say this, every one who came to Montserrat was told get prepared to stand in long lines because they will be tested. I do not HAVE to say that the politicians LIED to us. Truth is, the result caused the shutdown of the island. The red carpet of hope was laid down. I will say that was a carpet of bullshit and we all took a stroll.

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