COVID Burnout Is Real and Causing Overwhelm and Anxiety Toward The Future


Dr. Wayne Pernell, PhD

Release Date

Monday, August 24, 2020


 Dr. Wayne Pernell offers tips with MNI Media on how to best navigate decision fatigue and overwhelm from COVID-19 

  1. Identify What You Value Most - COVID-19 has essentially allowed us to hit the pause button.  Our routines have been broken and we now all have the opportunity to choose what pieces of our life we want to continue.

  2. Identify What You Truly Like In Your Daily Life, And Do More Of That - Without question this unprecedented time in our history has caused enormous levels of hardship, but if we look hard enough each day, there will always be moments that bring us joy.  Find those moments, and work to find ways to incorporate them more frequently into your daily life.

  3. Put Yourself Back In Control - Understand what’s within your power and focus on those elements and those decisions rather than harping on larger challenges we can’t control.

  4. Arrange Limited Contact - The truth is, we miss people. Even introverts are missing being around others. Tech is a good alternative, but there’s no substitute for the real thing.

  5. Try to Let Things Roll - If others are a little off or even upset with you for almost no reason, recognize that they’re probably feeling the pain of overwhelm, too. The remedy: compassion and acknowledgment. We don’t need to be “fixed.” We need to be understood and acknowledged for what we’re feeling. Doing that for someone else is a gift you can give to friends and family

    Note: Dr. P” is a TedX Speaker, member of the Forbes Business Council and has appeared on numerous networks across the country as well as having been quoted in the New York TimesFast Company, MSN Money, Forbes and published in Entrepreneur magazine to name a few.

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