Davy Hill Housing Project Bringing Work To Montserrat's Private Sector

Davy Hill Housing Project

Nerissa Golden

Release Date

Saturday, November 3, 2012


With a total of 10 contractors receiving work on the new Davy Hill Housing Project, this will mean more than 40 skilled artisans and labourers will be employed, says head of the Owen Lewis Project Implementation Unit (PIU).

The PIU are the project leaders for the 20-home building initiative which is being done in partnership with the Government of Montserrat, the Montserrat Social Security Fund and the Bank of Montserrat.

Lewis said a total of 15 of the homes have already been acquired by residents on island as well as nationals in the Diaspora.

"The project is worth 6.5 million dollars and is equal to three of the government accommodation projects we have done so far. However, the impact on the community is greater as more people are employed with each contractor having their own crew, needing materials from a variety of shops, lunches, and other auxiliary services," Lewis explained.

The walls are up on eight houses and the plan is to have the homes ready for the owners by Christmas. "We think this would be a nice present for the homeowners to have their keys before the end of the year," he added.

Lewis and his Project Manager Roy Greaves are confident that they will be able to have all 20 homes completed early in 2013. "We already have the commitment from the Social Security that when this project is completed, they are willing to invest in another housing development. We have already begun looking for land to begin the process again next year."

PIU is working with each buyer to tweak the designs to fit their needs. To get more details on the housing project and to purchase one of the remaining lots email piu@gov.ms or call 664-491-5803.

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