Development of a Terms of Reference for a Tourism Strategy For Montserrat Announced


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Thursday, February 7, 2019


The Government of Montserrat (GoM) today announced that they intend to develop a Tourism Strategy following the finalisation of a Tourism Master Plan to aid in attracting financial assistance to implement a series of projects.

According to information shared by the Tourism Division from the Office of the Premier; "The Primary goal of this project is to assist the island in the preparation of a detailed Tourism Strategy with suitable actions for several key projects in keeping with the cultural, social and economic aspirations thereby charting a way for the tourism sector in Montserrat. This will contribute to improving tourism sustainability in general and economic benefits for the population in particular, with focus on gender sensitivity."

It was also stated that the "strategy should also consider forecasted development of the tourism industry and capture environmental concerns between tourism, land use and biodiversity."

The consultants on this endeavour, who have been named as Consultants Tourism Intelligence International Inc. will be on Montserrat from February 12-16 to engage the public towards the best plan for Montserrat.

The entire Terms of Reference can be found here:

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