Don't Judge Love by Valentine's Day

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Robert Andrew

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It's that time of the year again when Santa and Rudolph the reindeer take leave and Cupid gets busy with his love bow and arrow. I feel somewhat compelled to write about this because of a conversation I had not so long ago and things I am witnessing day by day. Every shop display window, every card shop or just about any where you can find gift items being sold, there is a vast array of items from red to pink, to white, expressing the sentiment that comes with Valentine's Day.

A joyful and welcoming experience for the happily married couple, the satisfied cohabiter or the single dating male or female who can expect a card, a gift or simply some time together with someone who cares. On the other hand, it could be a most distressing time for the single person searching for their soul mate, the widow or widower who continues to grieve the loss of their special someone, as they reminisce moments spent together on previous Valentine's days. Even more so it can be tough for individuals who are struggling to cope with a broken relationship.

The thing I am trying to point out here is that love exists no matter the circumstance. The happy couple who is full of joy is that way because they are excited about the love they share and equally the grieving person, while experiencing distress may feel that deeply emotional because of the love he or she still feels and the warmth and love that are no longer returned by that special loved one.

All I ask is that on this day no matter what your circumstances, please take moments out to look beyond the grand gesture and accept love in its purest form. Forget about what you are given, be it a car, diamond ring or simply a greeting card and appreciate the thought that comes with giving. Easier said than done I hear you say.

Further, I am aware also that there will be persons who won't be fortunate enough to get a gift or anything for that matter. But I think the jury should still be out on love. Think deeply and ask yourself, if you thought they loved you yesterday because of a text message or a phone call that made you smile, why would it suddenly seem that something is wrong because of a lack of a certain gesture on Valentine's Day? So please embrace, appreciate and accept the giving; knowing that someone thinks you are special enough to be given something and that to me has I LOVE YOU_I CARE ABOUT YOU, written all over it. Love in its truest form is also represented by the many small things that are done time and time again, year after year.

Robert Andrew is MNI Alive's UK & European Associate Editor

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