Dr Lowell Lewis Says Thanks To All For 2014 Elections Support

Dr Lowell Lewis Says Thanks To All For 2014 Elections Support

Dr Lowell Lewis

Release Date

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Dear Brothers and Sisters of Montserrat,

Now that the election excitement is over, I wish to thank all those who wished me well and share our visions for a new Montserrat.

It has been an Honour and a privilege to be in politics for 23 years, from 1991 to 2014. Thirteen as a legislator.

Would have been nice to end with a better result, but understand the nature of politics in Montserrat.

After withdrawing from the PDM group and loosing the party support that I was privileged to have since 2001, I decided to participate, so as to share with all, the policies and plans that I tried to implement during my brief time as Chief Minister.

I endured 4 years of hard work in Antigua, so as to remain eligible for government, but never got the time to maintain the level of contact and service to the people of Montserrat that I hoped to have.

Campaigning, though not enough to see more than 20 percent of voters, was a rewarding experience.

I am very grateful for the support and company of colleagues of the Alliance of Independent Candidates, especially candidates Mr Claude Gerald and Mr David Tuitt, who worked with me for the brief campaign, to raise the level of debate and help to bring about what we expect to be a desirable change in the political leadership of Montserrat.

During the campaign, I made contact with a new generation of Montserratians, both nationals and non nationals, who I did not know, and who did not know me, and it was interesting to meet many of my old patients who were still alive, although not fit to go to the polling stations.

I am grateful for the encouraging comments made about the 2014 Manifesto of the Alliance of Independent Candidates, which is published on the websites of The Montserrat Reporter and MNI ALIVE. Also grateful to Dr Roy Lee for his support of our group in the general elections.

Once again, many thanks to all supporters and advisors and to all those who voted for me.

May God bless us all and Montserrat, our homeland that has a very bright future.

Yours Sincerely.

Dr Lowell Lewis


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