Election Day Statement from the Leader of Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party, Gaston Browne

Election Day Statement from the Leader of Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party, Gaston Browne

Hon Gaston Browne

Release Date

Saturday, December 6, 2014


Fellow Voters of Antigua and Barbuda,

Thursday, June 12 is a defining moment for our country. The opportunity will be presented for you to go the polls and elect the government of your choosing.

Several persons have attempted to itemize the issues in this campaign. As for me, I've narrowed them to four simple words, in the form of a question - Whither Antigua and Barbuda?

That's the question that we should be seeking to answer as we cast our votes in tomorrow's elections. We need, as a people, to put our country first. In this regard, none can deny the disappointment universally recognized as associated with the incumbent UPP administration. They have failed us all!

They cower under pressure, they fail to aim high and they fail to develop innovative solutions to improve our standards of living.

The ABLP will NOT make the same mistakes. We have the capacity to achieve more.

Under visionary leadership, we will rescue, rebuild and reinvigorate our economy and our society for the benefit of all. Together, we will move Antigua and Barbuda from a welfare state where many depend on the government for their daily survival and are solely disappointed, to a proud country where wealth is in the pockets of all the people.

We want to empower each constituent and every citizen to become a productive player in taking our country to new heights. For each to endeavor and all to achieve, we envision Antigua and Barbuda as a place where under the ABLP:

- No Antiguan or Barbuda will be imprisoned by poverty, and every child will have the opportunity to develop into a productive and proud citizen, pursuing his or her dreams at home in the University of Antigua and Barbuda.

- Every constituent will have the opportunity to get work. This entails encouraging and supporting entrepreneurs to create wealth and generate well-paying jobs for all of our constituents.

- A sustainable and competitive economy is created that can function effectively in a global environment, and withstand domestic and external shocks.

- We will build 500 homes in 500 days and we will completely redevelop the City of St John's.

- You will have access to the best quality health care, and you will live in communities with proper streets, roads, drainage, electricity, water, sanitation and modern amenities comparable to that of a developed country.

- You will enjoy healthy lives in peace and safety in you own homes, where our elders can enjoy their golden years with dignity, and disabled persons will be provided with accessible-friendly infrastructure in the constituency.

TEAM LABOUR needs your support and partnership to turn this vision into reality. I ask and invite YOU to vote for the ABLP with enthusiasm in tomorrow's elections.

We must rescue and rebuild our country together. We must restore Antigua and Barbuda’s sparkling pride, and we must change our fate not only for ourselves, but also for future generations. The question your vote tomorrow must help answer is: Whither Antigua and Barbuda? Your vote is crucial to determine whether we change course and start to rebuild, or whether we continue the decline with so many dropping through and out of the system.

With TEAM LABOUR – Jobs are on the way! Your future is bright! Antigua and Barbuda will rise again! Let’s do it together!!!

You have my commitment and my pledge,

Gaston Browne
Political Leader and Your Next Prime Minister


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