Emerald Isle Creative Vibes 2019 Appreciation Dinner & Awards in New York Sets a Wonderful Tone of Togetherness


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Sunday, October 20, 2019


Beginning in March 2002, the Emerald Isle Creative Vibes are still here awarding, honouring and entertaining Montserratians and friends of the island, here in New York City. 

On Sunday October 20th, 2019 the Maestros Banquet Hall once again served as the venue for the Creative Vibes Annual Appreciation Dinner and Awards. The event once again did not disappoint. 

Being here, participating for the past five years, it was an absolute pleasure to see that the standards have not dropped and the patrons still come out in their numbers year after year to be a part of this celebration of togetherness and island flare in the big city. 

Everyone was elegantly dressed - ladies in suave dresses and the gentlemen in their suits. The hall was illuminated by the classy sophistication that was on display. One can tell that the Creative Vibes event is one that persons look forward to year after year. 

Ayanna Irish once again delivered a performance of the Montserrat Territorial song that had everyone enchanted, as she hit the notes of the song with clear precision, and her usual elegant poise. The applause she received at the end was not even loud enough in light of her performance. 

This year the Guest of Honour was Dr Ingrid Buffonge. Dr Buffonge flew in from Montserrat; taking time from her busy schedule in accepting the honour of being chosen to present as the Guest of Honour at this prestigious event. Prior to the event starting, Dr Buffonge could be seen mingling with patrons. During her presentation she enlightened everyone towards her gratitude to have been chosen as the Guest of Honour, but also gave a concise outline of the health concerns that have defined her public presentations over the years. She called for an improvement in Healthcare on the island and expounded on the need for a joint approach via those at home and abroad to help make Montserrat the beacon that it could be. 

In addition, the Creative Vibes staple of Honouring well-deserving members of the community continued tonight with five persons chosen to receive awards. They were Dr William Irish O'Brien, who was awarded for his professional successes;  Miss Jeweline Roberts-Riley for her accomplishments as a Fashion designer extraordinaire; Mr Ozzie Carty for his untiring endeavours towards benefitting the people of Montserrat;  Nurse Violet Brown for her achievements as a distinguished Healthcare professional both on Montserrat and across the region; and Mr Clifford Hixon for his entrepreneurial acumen and his commitment to the Montserrat community in Florida. 

In his remarks to the Creative Vibes Group, the Premier of Montserrat, Donaldson Romeo stated; "The Government and people of Montserrat continue too be proud of the efforts of the Emerald Isle Creative Vibes and wish you success as you continue to unite as Montserratians living abroad, working together for the good of our beautiful island, Montserrat." 

Following the issuing of Award plaques by Dr Ingrid Buffonge, the dance floor kicked into gear. This year a live band was not in attendance but DJ Ton did a marvellous job of mixing Montserrat classics with other musical styles from across the Caribbean, to give patrons a reason to get sweaty on the dance floor. The energy was amazing. It was evident that everyone came to celebrate the success of the their fellow people, but also they came to have a good time and show a few moves on the dance floor! 

There is no doubt that the entire Creative Vibes Team once again put their utmost forward in hosting an event that everyone can be proud of. The standard raises from year to year, and it with great anticipation that the 2020 event to come is being spoken about. 

MNI Media congratulates the Creative Vibes team. MNI also gives regard to the Awardees who deservingly were recognised tonight. 

Well done to everyone!

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