Facebook Look Back: A Tacky, Personalised Video Celebration

Facebook Look Back: A cheesy, Personalised Video to Celebrate Facebook's Birthday

Christopher Hootin

Release Date

Friday, May 2, 2014


Facebook turned 10 yesterday and in amongst the press releases and retrospective infographics comes a video personalised to each user, looking back at nearly a decade of uploaded life.

See your own personalised video here

The video aims to bring a personal touch to the Facebook milestone but like any algorithm-based process all feels a bit, well, impersonal, so expect your most treasured moments to include pictures of you pointing solemn-faced at cockroaches in a Tenerife hotel set to sentimental plinky-plonky music.

While the choices may seem a bit odd/emotionally-scarring in some users' cases, the fact that the Look Back feature has been co-ordinated to work for every one of Facebook's billion users is still quite impressive in a 'wow the future is here and its scary' type way.

Facebook also released images of its old design to mark its anniversary this morning, showing what the Timeline (then News Feed) looked like back when Facebook was '[Thefacebook]' in 2004.

Founder Mark Zuckerberg chimed in on his own Facebook page meanwhile, saying that he is even more excited about the social network's next 10 years when he hopes to help unite the two thirds of the planet who don't yet have internet using Facebook.


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